Eclectic Pop News: 1 Podcast Guest Spot, 2 #RKC Related Announcements & more

The Lost Cause Podcast
Co-hosted by Drew Koenig (@thedrewkoenig) and Amanda Williams (@Amandimation), the recently formed Lost Cause Podcast focuses on “television and pop culture discussion” per their Twitter bio. In January, I had the pleasure of guesting on their third episode, which recapped the “Lost” episode “Walkabout” and saluted the best in 2015 film and television.

I weighed in on the latter segment opposite Drew, wherein the year’s best picks were narrowed down to a selection of our respective Top 5 favorites. To listen to the spirited exchange of thoughts and opinions on those picks and learn which projects earned a Top 5 spot, click here.

Lost Cause Podcast’s Media Links:
Official Website
SoundCloud Account

Eclectic Selection Time Change
It’s no joke! Beginning April 1, #RKC’s presentation of Eclectic Selection will be switching to a new time. While the day of the week it airs on will remain the same (Friday), it will now air at 5pm EST/10pm UK. In concert with that time change, #RKC will premiere the latest Eclectic Selection (#9) – a brand new 25-song playlist. For the entire lineup, click here.

LaTwitterview with #RKC
In conjunction with Eclectic Selection’s new air time, I will be interviewed by #RKC for their LaTwitterview - an interview conducted exclusively on Twitter. Beginning at 2pm EST on Friday April 8, you can read along as the Q&A transpires in real-time on the social media hot spot. You can follow the action on #RKC and Eclectic Pop’s respective Twitter accounts, @RadioKC and @EclecticPop as it unfolds. Once published, you will also be able to read the full transcript here at – so keep an eye out for that. This will be the second LaTwitterview I have had the privilege to participate in and if last time’s experience is any indication it is going to be a lot of fun!

Eclectic Pop Celebrates 3 Years
Eclectic Pop celebrated its third birthday this week. To read the full "thank you" letter to its readers, click here and stay tuned for the unveiling of the Top 10 most-read posts in the site’s history (so far), which will be posted sometime this week.

TV Rundown's to Include Rating
Following polls on Twitter and Google+, TV Rundown's will now feature a 0 - 10 rating at the end of each episode's respective recap. The idea is to give readers a more definitive assessment of the episode's overall quality. Recapping and reviewing major plot points will continue as usual. If you have any suggestions about something that would improve the TV Rundown or any other feature, please share your feedback by leaving a comment below or tweeting @EclecticPop