Eclectic Pop Says 'Thank You' for 3 Years

This week (March 21 to be exact) marks the third anniversary of when Eclectic Pop kicked off the beginning of its journey, pressing publish on an inaugural post that was really more of a blurb. It would be the starting point for a wild 3 years that have brought with it a fair share of learning experiences and exciting new adventures.

Of course all of that would not have been possible without you. Yes, you - the person reading this very missive right now. Thanks to everyone who clicked on a link and read its contents, Eclectic Pop has been around for 3 years. Without you taking the leap and clicking on a post, the encouragement to keep going would have been non-existent.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have supported Eclectic Pop on Twitter. The first social media platform the site gained footing on. Thanks to the members of Google+ and the marvelous communities I’ve been able to a part of there, +Ultimate Movie Geeks being the very first to welcome me aboard. Below is a list of all of the public Google+ entertainment communities Eclectic Pop is a member of.

Thanks to #RKC (@RadioKC) for giving me the opportunity to be a Selector and create Eclectic Selection. Thanks to all of the podcasters who have had me on their shows: Dr. Bones (@DrcBones), War Machine vs. War Horse (@warmachinehorse), The Lost Cause Podcast (@LostCausePod) and InSession Film (@InSessionFilm). Thanks to for giving Eclectic Pop’s movie reviews an additional venue to be seen on.

Thanks to all of the musicians who have reached out and given Eclectic Pop the opportunity to review their wonderful work. The very TV shows and movies this site spends a lot of time discussing deserve credit for supplying the inspiration to write about them in the first place.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve come to know many amazing people through social media and I would be remiss if I did not mention one Twitter pal in particular, someone who is tragically no longer with us. Christine @_AutNihil aka @Iwill_callyou passed away late last year. She was a friend and invaluable ally of this site. Her support was indefatigable and thanks to her suggestions, Eclectic Pop started covering the Cannes Film Festival and did a feature on a list of Labor Day Weekend entertainment options. She also contributed her picks to a Reader’s List of Romantic Movie Favorites.

Her favorite show was “The Borgias” and it was that series and its untimely demise that paved the way to us crossing paths in the Twitter-sphere. The greatest highlight of that series’ entire run was the role it played in helping us get to know one another. I will always treasure her friendship and whenever I think of “The Borgias”, I will always think of her. There are many good people online still trying to make Christine’s dream of a final season for the Showtime series happen and I really hope they can succeed on behalf of her memory.

In closing, I would once again like to thank everyone and anyone who has ever followed, shared, liked, favorited, re-tweeted, +1’d etc any of Eclectic Pop’s content. Your support means the world and I’m profoundly grateful for it. On another personal note I would also like to thank my family for their constant support since I embarked on this adventure. Appreciate your patience guys!

Here’s to all of us sharing many more years of movies, music and television together. 
- Britt

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