Entertainment Inquiry #1: Answers About Movies, Music And TV

Welcome to the very first Entertainment Inquiry. So what is this new feature about? Good question. Since there is only so much time in the day to read 750+ word reviews, it seemed right to boil down all of the sentiments expressed on Eclectic Pop into a simple question and answer format; getting to the point in a concise and clear manner that transforms those broader analyses into a bite-size read.

If there is an entertainment topic you want a quick answer to, this feature aims to give it to you. These questions have been generated by taking into account current hot topics and the entertainment interests you already come to Eclectic Pop for coverage on.

From which current movie releases merit a trip to the theater, to which music needs listening to and which TV shows are worth checking out, here are the answers...

Question: Is “Deadpool” this year's “Mad Max: Fury Road” – a movie overrated by critics and fans?
“Deadpool” has not reached anywhere near the level of overrated saturation, “Mad Max” has. Let’s put it this way, until “Deadpool” is nominated for Best Picture, there is really no contest.

At least "Deadpool" was entertaining, which is more than can be said for "Mad Max". Plus, the titular character in “Deadpool” is actually the lead of the movie. Imagine that? To read Eclectic Pop’s complete review of “Deadpool” click here

Question: What's the buzz on "The Boss" - is it worth seeing?

Do not believe the bad buzz; “The Boss” is worth seeing. That said, it is not as funny as McCarthy’s "Tammy" or "Identity Theft". It is within striking distance of "Spy" and leagues better than "Bridesmaids". I know...that is a bold statement. To read Eclectic Pop’s full review of “The Boss” click here

Question: Is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" as bad as everyone is saying?
It is not the worst superhero movie ever made. It is just not a very good one either. It is overly ambitious, caught up in trying to do too much and Batman has seen better days. For all of its faults, it does give fans a satisfying return outing for Superman and his paramour, Lois Lane.

The iconic characters’ coupling has not seen a better rendering throughout its various portrayals on film. To read Eclectic Pop’s full review of “Batman v Superman” click here

Question: Is "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" good as or better than the original?
It is as good as the original, it is not necessarily better. The charm of the original is hard to match, given that you did not know what to expect going in the first time. It is one of the best sequels to arrive in some time and it is certainly in keeping with the tone and sentimentality of the first. This is one of the rare comedy franchises that actually deserve to have future installments.
Question: With spring now upon us, which album should I be listening to in preparation for summer?
When it comes to summery melodies it is hard to think of any singer better than Jason Mraz and his fourth studio album “Love Is a Four Letter Word”, solidifies that. Music fans will probably best remember the record for its chart-topping single “I Won’t Give Up” but Mraz has more than one phenomenal song on that album.

Quite frankly you will not find a bad song on it. Must-listens include: “The Woman I Love”, “Living in the Moment”, “Frank D. Fixer”, “93 Million Miles”, “Who’s Thinking About You Now?”, “The World as I See It” and everything else.

Question: What album should I be listening to on repeat?
Sugar + The Hi-Lows’ 2015 album "High Roller”. Must-listen tracks: “Right Time to Tell You” and “Morning Glory”.

Question: What is the #1 TV show, people should be watching that is currently airing a new season?
A&E’s “Bates Motel” - there is no better show on television. Need to catch up before you can begin? That is easy to do. Netflix is currently streaming all three of its previous seasons and you can watch the latest episodes from this season on A&E's website.

Question: What is the best movie currently available (as of April 25) on HBO GO?
Besides 2015's outstanding "Far from the Madding Crowd" (read the full review here), there is last year's criminally overlooked horror movie "Unfriended" and Russell Crowe's equally underrated gem "The Water Diviner".

Question: What show is in this midst of a full blown renaissance?
NBC’s “The Blacklist” has been blowing the doors off of its third season. After a recent plot shocker, it will be fascinating to see where it goes from here. If there is one thing you can say for the action drama, it is that it is not afraid of taking chances and when they pay off, no other show soars higher. 

Question: What are some great shows airing over spring/summer?

The sixth season of HBO’s cult drama “Game of Thrones” is officially underway, the spectacular mini-series “The Last Panthers” is currently airing on SundanceTV and Showtimes’s Victorian-era horror drama “Penny Dreadful” returns for its third season, May 11.

Question: Is “Reign” ever coming back?
Yes, the final half of the spectacular period piece’s third season begins April 25 at 8 p.m. EST. That means it is airing on a new night; moving from the Friday dead zone to the livelier Monday slot.

Making its return even sweeter is the reassurance that the series has been renewed for a fourth season. Remember to stay tuned to the TV Rundown for coverage on the spring premiere.

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