We Got This Covered Review Link: 'The Last Panthers'

I recently reviewed SundanceTV’s latest series; the dazzling limited-run import “The Last Panthers” for We Got This Covered and here is why you should read the full review

Synopsis: “The Last Panthers” is a six-episode, crime drama that follows the aftermath of a diamond heist gone tragically sideways and the elaborate web those events spur forth, catching several disparate figures in its deadly midst.

Those central trio of characters include: a sympathetic diamond thief pushed to the brink by a direly selfless cause (Goran Bogden), an idealistic cop (Tahar Rahim) diligently working to catch him in the hopes it will lead to cleaning up the streets of Marseilles and a haunted insurance loss agent (Samantha Morton) separately put on the trail by her shadowy boss (John Hurt).

To read my entire review of "The Last Panthers" for We Got This Covered click here

Where and When to Watch: "The Last Panthers" airs Wednesdays at 10pm EST on Sundance TV