TV: Reviewing 'Reign' Season 3 Episodes 14 and 15

‘Reign’ returns for its final 3 episodes of the season: Monday, June 6 at 8/7c on The CW. So the TV Rundown is here to catch you up on what happened during the last two episodes, before its brief break with this double feature. 

Season 3, Episode 14: ‘To the Death’ 

Micro Synopsis:

Mary (Adelaide Kane) prepares to make her return to Scotland. Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) recruits Lola (Anna Popplewell) for a personal mission of revenge. Greer (Celina Sinden) finally realizes where her only path to happiness, truly lies.

The Rundown: 

While Bash’s sudden profession of love to Mary was certainly surprising, it was Greer who took the spotlight in ‘To the Death’. With time running out for her to figure out how to manage her impending motherhood, it finally dawned on her that her husband, the outstanding Castleroy (Michael Therriault) was the answer to her prayers. Upon hearing this, Mary arranged for the long imprisoned, former nobleman to be set free so he could reunite with her best friend.

For many reasons this particular plot, left a slightly sour taste. First of all, Castleroy should have been set free, eons before Greer’s plea. Secondly, Greer has had no problem being unfaithful to Castleroy, while he has rotted away in prison and then when he did not immediately agree to help her raise a baby that resulted from her philandering, she threw a tantrum.

The man had just gotten out of prison, learned his wife had been cheating on him (ever since his cell door slammed) and to top it all off, was having a baby by another man. It is understandable he did not feel like throwing confetti in the air. Greer’s lack of compassion for Castleroy; only reinforced his sentiment that she only wanted him, when she needed something from him.

Throughout the series, he has proven without exception that he deserved to be treated leagues better than the way she had during their marriage. He probably holds the distinction of being the noblest character on the entire show. In all of his time on it, he has never done anything that could be regarded as anything less than being of the highest moral order.

As a fan of the Greer/Castleroy pairing since they were first brought together, there was an interest in seeing them reunite. The way it was handled was just way too rushed. Greer did nothing to earn his forgiveness, respect or love. Why was there not more time spent building up to this moment? Greer’s arc from fallen lady to fledgling madam and then expectant mother had allowed for enough time to at least depict her expressing a bit of sadness over Castleroy’s predicament. 

Then there would have been at least some evidence to support her claims of love. Otherwise, her motivations appear as they probably and unfortunately were; purely selfish. Her station was damaged but he was rotting in prison. Who really had it worse in this scenario? While the storyline was built to give Greer her happy ending, it was Castleroy who proved way more worthy of one.

Side Notes/Burning Questions:  

It was nice to see ‘Reign’ exploring the impact Anne Boleyn’s scandal-fueled execution had on her daughter. Elizabeth’s storylines to this point have revolved around her trying to maintain her power. So it was a pleasant reprieve to see her in a plot that let her demonstrate some vulnerability, whilst undertaking a personally meaningful quest.

If you are familiar with Philippa Gregory’s novels of historical fiction than the resolution to ‘Reign’s’ interpretation of history might have felt familiar. Narcisse put on one of Wolverine’s claws and battled in a fight club to solve France’s financial problems. Can you say episode MVP?

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Season 3, Episode 15: ‘Safe Passage’ 

Micro Synopsis:

Before setting off to Scotland, Mary does one last good deed for her embattled mother-in-law/frenemy (Megan Follows). Bash (Torrance Coombs) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) make crucial decisions about their respective futures. Lola aids Mary with pivotal information.

The Rundown:

It was the end to another era on ‘Reign’ as one of the best and most intriguing female relationships on television, came to an end. Mary and Catherine’s journey from bitter enemies turned begrudgingly respectful foes and then consolatory in-laws, has been astonishing to watch unfold.

Their relationship has been one of, if not the, cornerstone of the show and Mary’s last-minute return to save Catherine was a sweet way for them to say goodbye. Fans are definitely going to have a tumultuous time adjusting to the show, without their dazzling dynamic.

Elsewhere, Bash came up with what he thought was a good enough reason for why he absolutely had to go with Mary to Scotland and his justifications felt a tad contrived. His outrage at the end of his time in French court, felt out of character for the usually stoic, King’s Deputy. After learning about Catherine's latest misdeeds, he should have been more motivated than ever to have an influence on his younger brother, Charles (Spencer Macpherson).

He should not have wanted to leave Charles under the sole council of his ruthless mother. In other out-of-character news, his final interaction with Catherine was especially shocking in the way his temper flared. Perhaps he was angry at himself for being so dismissive of Delphine (Alexandra Ordolis) towards the end of her life and had to take it out on, as Bash called her, “the king”. 

Catherine allowing the crazy Christophe (Nathaniel Middleton) to murderously stroll the castle halls was horrible and he should have been upset by that. It was his becoming outraged by what she did to his mother that his logic became less understandable.

He said that what his mother did (killing Catherine and Henry’s twin infants) was terrible but at the same time tried to justify showing her mercy. Bash has clearly learned very little about his quasi-stepmother through the years. 

Side Notes/Burning Questions:

Narcisse and Bash have left French court. Francis’ (Toby Regbo) letter to Mary gave a satisfying final touch to her arc in France. Scotland beckons, ‘Reign’ fans!

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