Eclectic Pop News: The End of Eclectic Selection on #RKC

As the title of this post suggests, this is an announcement about the end of the Eclectic Selection show on #RKC.

After nearly 2 years, 11 aired playlists, 275+ songs and lots of contemplation, the time has come to announce that I will no longer be a Selector for #RKC. I would like to thank Jerome, Ze Boss of #RKC for giving me the opportunity to be one. It has been an incredible learning experience and his patience throughout its sporadic installments has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to him, so many wonderful indie artists have a platform to be heard. What #RKC does for those artists, along with giving music enthusiasts an outlet to compose a playlist, is nothing short of inspired.

So why is Eclectic Selection ending? Well, with the increasing demands of my freelance writing, I do not currently have the time to put towards producing the best quality product, #RKC and its listeners deserve. So it is time to bestow the baton to a soul who can and let them run with it; may they relish it as much as I have.

Friday, September 23 will mark the premiere of the final Eclectic Selection playlist (#12). The full lineup will be posted soon. I would like to thank all of the promoters who submitted artists over the past few months. It is their music that mainly comprises the list. There will be 16 songs in total.

The playlist will premiere September 23 at 5PM EST and be replayed afterwards in a TBA time slot. You can listen to the show with the live stream on RKC’s website ( or on the Tune In app. To stay up to date with all of the latest musical happenings on #RKC, you can follow them on Twitter @RadioKC.

Now to express some gratitude...I want to thank all of the artists whose music has made the evenings sing throughout the past 2 years. The listeners of #RKC, including those who went above and beyond by sharing the listening links so that others could join in too. To the community of #RKC Selectors, who have provided a support system for the show by frequently re-sharing links and supporting them on social media. Getting to know you guys has been a true delight. And of course, (last but certainly not least) Jerome; who gave me the opportunity to join the #RKC community.

This has been an awesome ride. I hope you will be there to hear the end.

-Britt (Sole Contributor/Founder)

[Image by Britt Lawrence/Eclectic Pop]