Eclectic Pop News: Music Announcement

As many of you know there has been a recent change with the content on the site.
For one, there has been less of it. As my freelancing work expands, Eclectic Pop has taken a bit of a back seat, though it remains a top priority. Working through this learning curve has been an adjustment. Rest assured that through the ebbs and flows, new content will continue to be created. However, the focus of that content will soon be changing.

Effective immediately, Eclectic Pop will be taking an indefinite sabbatical from conducting music reviews. As many of you who have reached out for a review are aware I have been saying for a while now that I would only be taking submissions for the Eclectic Selection playlist on #RKC. As you may have recently read, I will no longer be doing that either.

I will complete the final round of reviews for artists, whose submissions I had confirmed for a particular album. So if you see those being published in the near future, it is to fulfill that.

Now to answer some questions you might have about this announcement…

When is the final Eclectic Selection and how can I listen?

Is the music section of Eclectic Pop completely ending?

No. If there is a music story or project that is self-discovered and worthy of writing about, it will be. For now, the musical emphasis on Eclectic Pop will shift to TV and movie soundtracks.

If a certain album is noteworthy, it will be mentioned in the Entertainment Inquiry. There will be an interesting one-off music feature that fuses all of those things together, in the near future, so stay tuned.

Why is music coverage being altered and not something else?

Music reviews are a very time consuming endeavor and at this point, there is not enough to permit it. Plus, over the course of the last 3 years, I have realized that reviewing music is something I really struggle with.

Music is such a personal craft that critiquing it, albeit ever so gently, just seems cruel. As the granddaughter of a musician I know how personal music is to its creator and saying anything that jeopardizes an artist’s faith in that is something I would prefer not taking a role in. 

When it comes to criticizing movies or TV that is far easier because there are so many fingers in the pie that given it is more of a community effort, it doesn’t seem as personal to criticize and I don’t like saying anything particularly negative about those, unless it really warrants it. I’m a firm believer that instead of spending a second to tear someone down, you should take a minute to build them up.

Why are you publishing reviews, if you are not taking submissions?

Those are reviews that were promised at an earlier date and I’m finally getting around to completing. 

Can I submit music for review before this takes effect?

While I am grateful to any artist or promoter who has shared an artist’s work, I will no longer be accepting music submissions, effective immediately.

Will music reviews ever resume?

Not for the foreseeable future. If that changes, you can be rest assured that a message heralding their return will be posted on the site. As stated above, I’m not sure they are my calling.

Can I still send music links to you on Twitter (@EclecticPop)?

Yes, as long as the music is radio safe I would love to ReTweet it. If the music in question contains any offensive language (profanity etc) or is highly suggestive in a manner that is deemed inappropriate, then it will not be re-shared. For reference: if the song would not receive a “clean” rating from the FCC or is considered NSFW (not safe for work).

Will Eclectic Pop still have a ‘Best of the Year’ List for Music? 

The ‘Best of the Year’ lists are the most time-consuming pieces to compile. It will all depend on how the end of the year shapes up. If there is a music list, it will probably only contain the song’s title without any description. Think of it as more of an award.

While we are on the subject, the list of 2016’s Best TV, will likely end up as a part of my work on – so stay tuned. If it does, I will link to it here on Eclectic Pop.

I hope you will still be reading at the end of 2016. I appreciate everyone who has ever read this site or will read it. You keep it going. I am also grateful to everyone who has submitted music over the past 3+ years. It has been a melodic delight.

Britt (Sole Contributor/Founder)