Let's Discuss: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir's Return to Competitive Ice

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - Ice Dance
With enough chemistry to melt the very ice they skate on, Olympic gold and silver medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, have captivated ice dancing fans all over again. The 2016/17 figure skating season is officially in full swing and after their performance at the 2016 Grand Prix Skate Canada International, it is clear that Virtue and Moir are going to be a major part of it.

The duo returned to Skate Canada for the first time since 2013 and based on the way they performed, you would have never guessed they ever left. Virtue and Moir have been off competitive ice since 2014, the year they took home the silver medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. 

Two years later, they are back and in fighting form. Virtue and Moir delighted fans earlier this year when they announced their return to competition in February. Skate Canada marked their second competitive performance of the season. Their first was at the 2016 CS Autumn Classic International in late September/early October, where they took home the gold.

The anticipation for Virtue and Moir’s return has been seismic and for good reason.

Fans of ice dance, know the gaping hole that has been left in the sport, ever since the Canadian duo stepped off competitive ice. Following the 2014 Winter Olympics, Virtue and Moir announced they were taking a break from the competitive circuit. They have been touring with various ice shows in the meantime.

In their absence, new exciting teams have risen and now the race is on. With Virtue and Moir in the mix, expect to see every team pushed to their maximum potential. They will need to be.

Ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir perform
[Image by Boris Kasimov]
The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are roughly a year away and Virtue and Moir are on the hunt for another gold medal. It is a goal that is absolutely within reach. They have new coaches, new programs and most importantly, the same golden partnership.

The thrill of seeing Virtue and Moir on the ice, in competitive form again was immeasurable. The crowd's enraptured attention was so electric you could feel it coming through the TV screen.

It was not surprising to see an enthusiastic audience pick up, right where they left off. Virtue and Moir are legends and rightfully so.

Their skill is unprecedented and their connection, even more so. Their enchanting chemistry is a reminder of what has been massively missing on both the small and silver screen, in recent years.

If more movies had leads that generated the genuine, powerhouse chemistry, Virtue and Moir possess - ticket sales would be booming. 

The music for their 2016/17 programs is unsurprisingly top drawer. For their short dance, they are skating to a medley of the Prince classics: "Kiss", "5 Women," and "Purple Rain". For their free dance, a combination of Cœur de pirate's "Pilgrims on a Long Journey" from the "Child of Light" soundtrack and Sam Smith's soul-stirring, acoustic cover of Disclosure's "Latch".

Both musical selections reflect a team that knows their audience and themselves. The music in the short program shows off their fun, playful side. While the lower key piano swells of their free dance selection provide a stunning showcase for their signature romanticism.

After their breathtaking return to the ice at Skate Canada, fans have every reason to "latch" on to the very real idea that Virtue and Moir will be competing for the gold in Pyeongchang. I for one; cannot wait to watch them vie for it. 

[Featured Image by Boris Kasimov (Check out Mr. Kasimov’s official photo stream here)/Flickr, images altered to add filter, License]