Entertainment Inquiry #8: Your Burning Questions About 'Reign' Season 4 - Answered!

Reign Season 3 - Promo Poster, Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten)
Eclectic Pop asked if you had any questions about 'Reign' Season 4 and you answered.

In this special edition of the Entertainment Inquiry, Eclectic Pop answers the burning questions you had about the upcoming season of the beloved CW series.

Question: When will the new season begin? – Lisa Greenway (@LisaAnneGA)

Eclectic Pop UPDATE: 'Reign' Season 4 will premiere Friday, February 10, 2017 at 9/8c.
There is no official premiere date yet. 'Reign' Season 4 is set to air in the mid-season, which means that fans can expect it to bow as early as January or as late as May 2017.

Question: Is French court still a big focus now with Mary gone? – Andrea Russell (@drawrussell) 

Eclectic Pop: If a report from TV Line is any indication, French court will remain a prominent fixture in 'Reign' Season 4. According to TV Line, Season 4 will introduce an older version of Henry (the younger brother of France’s current King Charles), Narcisse’s son Gabriel and another role for French court, we will get to later. Three new characters in French court, indicates things will be busy there.

Question: How close will the show be following Mary's real history in S4? Will Mary find real love again? Will Mary/Catherine meet again? - ReignOfQueens (@ReignFan82) 

Eclectic Pop: History and 'Reign' have always had a tricky relationship. Expect The CW series’ to hit the scandalous notes that have made Mary’s legacy one of great intrigue. It is not clear how close they will stick to history, and at what rate they will let that history unfold. 

History dictates that Mary still has two husbands to go. The first of which is Lord Darnley. Deadline was the first to report that Darnley will be played by Will Kemp in Season 4. When 'Reign' will have that marriage take place is unknown.

We do know that both of Mary’s eventual husbands will be a part of Season 4. So there will certainly be a love triangle in the offing. 'Reign' has also cast the role of Bothwell for Season 4. According to TV Line, Adam Croasdell will star as the man who eventually becomes Mary’s third husband.

Whether Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Catherine meet again is up in the air. There is certainly a precedent for visits between queens on the series. In Season 3, Catherine (Megan Follows) left France and met with Queen Elizabeth I (Rachel Skarsten) in England. So a trip between the former in-laws is possible, just not probable.

Question: How many seasons can we expect? - Portal Reign Brasil (@portalreignbra)

Eclectic Pop: So far, Season 4 is the only confirmed season. Depending on how well it fares in the ratings, Season 5 could be in the cards. There is certainly enough rich history to warrant it.
Question: Will French court present us queen Margot? 

Eclectic Pop: Still no Queen Margot, I’m afraid. According to TV Line, 'Reign' Season 4 will introduce Catherine’s daughter Leesa instead. Leesa was not the name of any of Catherine’s children in real-life. This character appears to be a historical revision. Hence, 'Reign’s' tricky history with history.

Question: Is Narcisse back with Catherine? 

Eclectic Pop: The status of their relationship is unclear. With TV Line reporting, the Season 4 introduction of his son, Gabriel, in French court, the exes should be running in each others' circles.
Question: Will there ever be a meeting with the three queens?

Eclectic Pop: We can only hope. Historically speaking, such a meeting was never known to have occurred but with 'Reign’s' knack for playing fast, and loose with the facts, it is feasible.
Question: Why do the boys from French court age so fast? 

Eclectic Pop: The rapid aging of the boys in French court is mainly due to 'Reign’s' glaring yet unspoken time elapses. Those characters, such as Francis’ younger siblings, were introduced as children, and since way more time has passed than the leads’ appearance indicates, the children’s aging hints at how much time has actually transpired since 'Reign' began.

Question: What day of the week will it air? - lari (@sugarkanes9)

Eclectic Pop UPDATE: 'Reign' is moving to Friday nights at 9/8c.
'Reign' is expected to remain in its regular Season 3 time slot, Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.
Question: Do they have month for Season 4?

Eclectic Pop UPDATE: 'Reign' will premiere in February 2017.
The CW has yet to announce the premiere month. So far we only know that Season 4 will arrive in 2017.
Question: Is Leith dead? 

Eclectic Pop: This was one of the biggest cliffhangers from the Season 3 finale. Things did not look good for Leith when we left off but a casting call for Season 4 brings hope, he pulled off the impossible.

According to TV Line, Narcisse’s son Gabriel will pursue Claude in Season 4, which does not sound good at first glance. Until you read that he attempts to woo her “despite her obvious affections for another”.

That would seem to imply that Claude is still keeping the fires burning for someone and it would be reasonable to assume that person is Leith.
Question: How much different from Francis are the new love interests? 

Eclectic Pop: According to the casting calls reported by TV Line, Lord Darnley shares the attribute of an ambitious mother with Mary’s late husband. Like Francis, Bothwell is described as having a deep love for Mary. The temperaments of Darnley and Bothwell vary, though they both sound like a mix of Francis. 

In terms of differences, Darnley’s description reads as more power hungry than Francis, while Bothwell’s “bad boy” reputation sounds more akin to Francis’ early days on the show.

Question: John will be with his godmother Mary in Scotland, now that Lola is dead? - Bruna Castro (@brunacnaves)
Eclectic Pop: Per her final wishes, it seems Lola's husband will be in charge of taking care of the orphaned boy. Given that Narcisse and Lola (Anna Popplewell) were still married at the time of her execution, his claim to John should theoretically supersede Mary’s as his godmother.

There is no direct confirmation of this in any of the recent reports surrounding the show, so stay tuned. When Narcisse (Craig Parker) was first introduced, his last living son was said to have died in the plague and now he has a grown son, joining Season 4. So anything is possible.

Question: Has Megan been on a closed set lately? - Leisy (@leisyl11)

Eclectic Pop: Not based on any intel, I could uncover.

Okay, that’s a wrap on this special 'Reign' edition of the Entertainment Inquiry. Huge thanks to everyone who submitting their questions on Twitter! You made this column possible. 

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