Best Movies of 2016: 'Ip Man 3', 'The Family Fang', 'The Girl on the Train' & more!

The good news about a bad year in movies is that the champions had an easy time setting themselves apart. Unlike years past, you will not find a winner for Best Romance, but you will find movies worthy of various other respective honors. 2016 had few standouts and these are the ones that made the cut...

Best Film/Movie: ‘IP Man 3’

The only movie released in 2016, to fully encompass the entire spectrum of the human experience is the third installment in the popular Ip Man franchise. In 'Ip Man 3' there is no shortage of romance, action, adventure, drama, comedic flourishes, or greatness.

The cast is marvelous, the story compelling and the action sequences, simply stunning. The Ip Man franchise is one of the few to improve with every entry and this threequel proves that trend is nowhere near slowing down.

Best Thriller: ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ was one of the biggest and best surprises of 2016 and in more ways than one. Not only did its release come as a surprise to the public, its quality followed suit. Not to be confused with its less entertaining predecessor (‘Cloverfield), ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ is an engaging thriller that is relentlessly enthralling. 

Thanks to the tour de force performances of its cast (John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr.), the tension never lets up and the result is a riveting thriller that keeps its audience guessing, as long as its characters do.

Best Comedy: ‘Mr. Right’

He’s a hitman (Sam Rockwell) who takes out his employers. She’s a quirky girl (Anna Kendrick) fresh off a breakup. Together they are an unstoppable and adorably awkward duo.

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell met their on-screen match in this entertaining dark comedy, about an idiosyncratic young woman who finds love with a hit man. Kendrick and Rockwell have never been better, as their easy chemistry takes center stage in one of 2016’s big surprises.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Quad Movie Poster) - Eclectic Pop Best of 2016 Movies

Best Sequel: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’

A good movie family makes you want to visit with them. A great movie family makes you feel like a fellow member when you watch them and that is the magic of the endearing Portokalos family.

Audiences fell in love with them 14 years ago and in this enchanting sequel, they reminded them of why. Relatable, hilarious and with a pitch-perfect chemistry, ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ carried huge expectations on its shoulders and rose to the occasion, fulfilling them.

Most Overlooked Gem: ‘The Forger’

This underrated drama was solely marketed as a heist thriller. When in reality, ‘The Forger’ is a touching drama that tells the moving story of a father (John Travolta), recently released from prison, who tries to reconnect with his teenage son (Tye Sheridan) and father (Christopher Plummer), while simultaneously planning a heist to provide for them.

To say more, would give away the emotional lynchpin of the story and you need to experience it for yourself. Just do yourself another favor and avoid the trailer.

Best Dramedy: ‘Demolition’

‘Demolition’ is a zany dramedy that never quite took off with audiences or critics. As an exploration of grief, it is telling, and as a study of difficult people, it is even more so. Jake Gyllenhaal continues his streak of winning performances in ‘Demolition.’

The fact Gyllenhaal creates so much out of playing someone as unlikable as Davis is a testament to his versatile skill as an actor and he deserved more notices than he received for it. Read Eclectic Pop’s full review for ‘Demolition’ here.

Best Biopic: ‘Eddie the Eagle’

It is not factually accurate in the least, but ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is inspiring nonetheless. Buoyed by a spot-on impression/performance by Taron Egerton and the always welcomed presence of Hugh Jackman, ‘Eddie the Eagle’ soars higher than any expectations could have imagined. 

Best Suspense Thriller: ‘The Boy’

A woman, a creepy mansion, and an ominous doll go toe-to-toe in this spellbinding suspense flick that challenges convention at every turn, for a refreshing twist on the supernatural thriller.

The Family Fang - Movie Poster - Eclectic Pop's Best of 2016 Movies List

Best Indie Flick: ‘The Family Fang’

In this destined-for-cult-status film, a dysfunctional family comes together and falls apart. But were they ever whole to begin with? That is at the core of this thought-provoking indie directed by and starring Jason Bateman.

As a meditation on the art world and its participants, ‘The Family Fang’ is a fascinating character study that deserved more attention than it initially received. Knockout performances from Bateman, Nicole Kidman, and Christopher Walken, help seal the deal.

Most Redeemable Movie: ‘The Choice’

In this Nicholas Sparks weeper, Benjamin Walker’s performance is earnest, funny, and heartfelt; three rarely exhibited characteristics for a performance by an actor in a modern-set romantic drama. Without Walker, "the choice" to watch is a lot harder to make. Read Eclectic Pop’s full review of ‘The Choice’ here.

Best Ensemble: ‘The Girl on the Train’

Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, and Haley Bennett are the triple-charged engine that powers this hit thriller. Blunt has never been more heartbreaking, Ferguson as enigmatic and Bennett as breakthrough-worthy as they are in ‘The Girl on the Train.’

As the men preoccupying their characters’ lives, Luke Evans, Edgar Ramirez and Justin Theroux are every bit as impressive. Read Eclectic Pop’s full review of ‘The Girl on the Train’ here.

Best Non-2016 Movie Watched in 2016: ‘Testament of Youth’

‘Testament of Youth’ is a poignant and unforgettable testament to the folly of youth, the horror of war, and the endurance of true love. How it flew below the radar last year, is anyone’s guess. Read Eclectic Pop’s full review for ‘Testament of Youth’ here.