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Does 'Wild Mountain Thyme' Have A Shocking Ending? Explained

It is fair to say that “Wild Mountain Thyme” has an ending unlike any other. The 2020 movie is an adaptation of John Patrick Shanley’s play “Outside Mullingar,” and you are in for some surprises if you are not familiar with it. So, what happens at the end of the Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan starrer…

Is The Emily Blunt Starrer 'Wild Mountain Thyme' Worth Your Time?

I do not know what I was expecting when I decided to dish out some extra money to rent “Wild Mountain Thyme” without watching the trailer. The synopsis appeared to house a sweeping romance with an exquisite atmosphere. A love triangle seemed likely to figure into things too. What the Emily Blunt st…

4 Riveting Romantic Costume Dramas

Do you love romantic costume dramas? If you just answered with the enthusiasm of an Elle Woods-level “yes!” then you have come to the right place. The following list includes three feature films and one television miniseries.
Despite having written about the following romantic costume dramas in th…

Let's Discuss: 'The Young Victoria' vs. 'Victoria'

While history buffs try to separate fact from fiction regarding the recent “Victoria” TV series, this movie and TV fan will take on a far simpler task. Comparing the enchanting, 2009 film “The Young Victoria,” to Season 1 of ITV/PBS' ambitious TV series, “Victoria.”

The same queen.
Two enterta…

Best Movies of 2016: 'Ip Man 3', 'The Family Fang', 'The Girl on the Train' & more!

The good news about a bad year in movies is that the champions had an easy time setting themselves apart. Unlike years past, you will not find a winner for Best Romance, but you will find movies worthy of various other respective honors. 2016 had few standouts and these are the ones that made the cut...

Movie Review: 'The Girl on the Train' (2016)

A simmering thriller that almost flies off the rails, “The Girl on the Train” is rescued by a strong final act. It is a trip that takes viewers through the perilously dark and twisted tunnels of three women’s interwoven lives. First, there is Rachel (Emily Blunt), a divorcee struggling with alcoholism.

Movie Review: 'Sicario' (2015)

On a technical level, Denis Villeneuve’s cagey thriller is a mesmeric spectacle of near perfection. Taut with a laser precision and deafening focus, “Sicario” revolves around the work of a government task force, policing the war on drugs at the U.S./Mexico border and their reluctant new recruit Kate Macer (Emily Blunt).

Movie Review: 'Into the Woods' (2014)

Journeying to a dark place of magic, characters find something tragic. A Baker and his wife try to end their childless strife. Cinderella avoids her pompous fellow, as disastrous glitches plague a witch’s sinister wishes. Now that we have the rhyming portion of this review out of the way, it’s time…

Top 20 Remaining Movies of 2014 | The Complete List

#20: Gone Girl Ever since the announcement that Gillian Flynn’s best-seller would be getting the adaptation treatment, there have been expectations. When it was announced thriller maestro David Fincher would be taking the helm those expectations were only heightened. “Gone Girl” possesses all of t…

Top 20 Remaining Movies of 2014 | Part 4: #5 - #1

#5: Unbroken Angelina Jolie’s much-anticipated biopic of Olympic runner and World War II POW, Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) tells the incredible true story of his harrowing ordeal. Already facing a somewhat ambivalent awards reaction so far, “Unbroken” now faces the embrace of audiences. The subj…

Movie Review: 'Edge of Tomorrow' (2014)

Seldom does an action film take their protagonist’s character development as seriously as “Edge of Tomorrow” and that is what not only makes it stand out but excel past its peers. Adapted from Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel “All You Need Is Kill”, the story finds the world fighting an alien invasion. Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who has never been in combat and that all changes when he is deployed for a veritable suicide mission.

Best New Movie Bets: June 6 | 'Edge of Tomorrow', 'Fault in Our Stars' & 'Anna'

"Edge of Tomorrow"

Director Doug Liman can often be hit or miss, for example his 1999 film “Go” was a brilliant indie that rightly became a cult hit. While his 2008 sci-fi effort “Jumper” would qualify as a miss. He helmed the monster hit “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” which was light popcorn entertainment and the decent “The Bourne Identity”, a consummate actioner that would give life to a strapping trilogy.

Liman’s latest aligns him with pop culture icon, Tom Cruise and a mother-load of special effects. In a bit reminiscent of 2011’s “Source Code”, Cruise’s character dies and repeatedly comes back to life, acquiring the skills necessary to defeat an alien invasion. "Edge" is an adaptation of the graphic novel "All You Need Is Kill" by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Bolstering interest for the film is Cruise’s presence and what appeared from the trailer to be an appealing chemistry with co-star Emily Blunt. Blunt has proven herself in similar sci-fi fantasies. She was the unsung vital component of 2012’s “Looper” and her feisty screen persona could breathe life into Cruise’s string of lackluster on-screen pairings. The special effects while bountiful do appear to be well done. Tom Cruise + Emily Blunt + Sci-Fi Action= Worth a Watch. Click here to Read Eclectic Pop's Review