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Writing About: 'The White Princess' Premiere on Starz

Covering the premiere of “The White Princess” on the Inquisitr has been incredibly exciting, and below you will find links to all of "The White Princess" articles, I have written so far. “The White Princess” is a new miniseries on Starz. It is a follow-up to the 2013 miniseries “The White Queen,” which starred Rebecca Ferguson as the titular protagonist, Elizabeth Woodville.

Writing about "The White Princess"

“The White Princess” picks up after the events of “The White Queen,” and follows Elizabeth Woodville’s daughter, Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer), as she tries to navigate dueling loyalties to her family, and new husband. The freshly crowned King of England, Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy).

The sequel series has been a highly anticipated venture for fans of “The White Queen,” and after a four-year wait, it is finally here. That excitement is due in large part to the outstanding quality of the predecessor series to “The White Princess.”

“The White Queen” is one of those rare, epic costume dramas to nail its intrinsic sensuality, with an air of sophistication, few others have managed. It also boasted a star-making turn from Rebecca Ferguson, among other dazzling performances by its ensemble.

What to expect on “The White Princess”

The first of three features on the Inquisitr, “The White Princess” On Starz: Series’ Cast and Everything Else You Need to Know, aims to give readers an in-depth look, and understanding of "The White Princess," and its predecessor, "The White Queen." The feature spotlights the main cast members of “The White Princess,” and explains the cast changes from "The White Queen."

For non-viewers of “The White Queen,” its goal is to provide a connective thread to other popular series, such as “Game of Thrones,” “Reign,” “Victoria,” and more.

[Image by Starz]

Top 5 Reasons to Watch “The White Princess”

The objective of the second Inquisitr feature, “The White Princess” on Starz: Top 5 Reasons to Watch “The White Queen” Sequel Series is to persuade potential viewers to watch “The White Princess,” by providing five key evidences the series has already earned a spot on viewers’ watchlists.

From “The White Princess”’ surprising connection to “Game of Thrones,” both on and off-screen, to some behind-the-scenes trivia, this feature works to leave no throne, unturned.

“The White Queen” cast today

The Top 5 Reasons to Watch “The White Princess” feature on the Inquisitr provides updates on “The White Queen’s” breakout star, Rebecca Ferguson, plus Eleanor Tomlinson (“Poldark”), and Faye Marsay (“Game of Thrones”), who portrayed the Neville sisters.

As for the leading men of “The White Queen,” the feature also answers what actors Max Irons, David Oakes, and Aneurin Barnard, who portrayed the York brothers, have been up to since “The White Queen” aired.

A premiere primer for “The White Princess”

The thirdly written feature, “The White Princess” Cast: Premiere Primer for Starz Sequel Series is as its title suggests; a primer for the miniseries. Among the topics explored is how “The White Princess” relates to “The White Queen.” There is also a bit of insight into Elizabeth of York’s days on “The White Queen,” and her future ones on “The White Princess.”

These “White Princess” features on the Inquisitr will hopefully provide enlightenment for those desiring to learn more about the sequel series to "The White Queen." “The White Princess” airs on Starz, Sunday nights at 8 p.m. EST. If you are interested in reading more of my features on the Inquisitr, click here to browse my author profile.

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[Featured Image by Starz]