Writing About: 'The White Princess' Theories, Reviews + Finale Twists

Writing About - The White Princess Theories, Reviews and Final Twists
Starz’s “The White Princess” has been an easy show to write about, thanks to its richly complex storyline, and densely written characters. As the adaptation of a historical fiction novel and a highly-anticipated follow-up series, “The White Princess” has offered a wealth of things to explore.

To put it directly, “The White Princess” is a writer’s paradise. Between investigating the series’ historical context and the connective tissue between it and “The White Queen,” there has been no shortage of material to sift through.

“White Princess” showrunner Emma Frost has given fans a brilliantly addictive costume drama that’s whirlwind pace never sacrificed crucial character development for plot. Frost also assembled a powerhouse cast to tell its complicated tale; a story woven with family loyalties, blood feuds, and shocking schemes. 

Some of which have ended with its central characters being seen in a not-so-positive light. “The White Princess” is complicated like that. So it should come as no surprise that covering “The White Princess” on the Inquisitr entailed exploring many theories and lots of twists. Here is what I have been writing about “The White Princess.”

Writing About... 'The White Princess' Theories And Twists - Elizabeth of York
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Writing about “The White Princess” theories

Early in “The White Princess” there was reason to theorize, and perhaps there still is, that Lizzie (Jodie Comer) had been keeping a huge secret about her firstborn son. In the feature “The White Princess” Episode 2: Is Lizzie Keeping A Huge Secret?, the evidence surrounding the possibility that the biological father of Lizzie’s son is actually Richard III is explored.

That is not the only theory “The White Princess” prompted. As “The White Princess” worked through its final round of episodes, speculation had heated up surrounding the claims that Lizzie’s younger brother, Richard, was alive. In Episode 5, viewers were introduced to a young man (Patrick Gibson) claiming to be the missing prince. 

As fans of “The White Queen” knew, his claim was not outside the realm of possibility. But was “The Boy” telling the truth? Explore the evidence on the Inquisitr, here. As the feature, “The White Princess" Episode 8: Is ‘The Boy’ Really Lizzie’s Brother, Prince Richard?, examines all of the angles, before coming to a surprising conclusion. 

Writing About... 'The White Princess' Theories And Twists - Lizzie and Henry
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Writing about “The White Princess'” final twists

“The White Princess” Episode 7 was its most shocking installment. Lizzie and Henry (Jacob Collins-Levy) spiraled into disturbing versions of themselves. While “The Boy” and his wife Cathy (Amy Manson) did the exact opposite, proving themselves as noble people, a devoted couple, and desperate parents. After “The White Princess” Episode 7, the truth surrounding “Richard” had only grown murkier.

“The White Princess” challenged everything viewers thought they knew about its lead characters in Episode 7 (“Two King”). Such as who the good guys and the bad guys really were in this story. As stated in my opinion piece on the Inquisitr, they are certainly not who I expected them to be. Learn more about why by reading my recap and review titled, “The White Princess” Episode 7: Did Everything Just Change? on the Inquisitr.

Writing about "The White Princess" finale

Have you not watched "The White Princess" season finale yet and feel like you need a refresher before you do? Or perhaps you have watched it and you need a chance to remember how things got as twisted as they became in Episode 8. In either case, check out the feature “The White Princess” Episode 8: Four Things You Need To Know Before The Finale on the Inquisitr, here

Writing About... The White Princess Theories And Twists - Lizzie
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This comprehensive review breaks down 4 key plot developments you need to know before and maybe even after watching “The White Princess” season finale. It can never hurt to be well-informed.

Wondering how “The White Princess” ended? Read my recap and review of “The White Princess” finale on the Inquisitr, here. It is not a traditional recap, though it does entail spoilers for how "The White Princess" concludes.

The "devastating" ending to "The White Princess" is one of the most haunting finales I can ever recall seeing on television. For more on that read "The White Princess" Stuns With Devastating Finale [Episode 8 Recap and Review] on the Inquisitr.

In light of that finale, there were obviously some unanswered questions and I detailed 5 of them in the feature "The White Princess" Season 2: Five Burning Questions For A Potential Sequel. Whether or not, "The White Princess" gets a Season 2, there were some stories from the series, a follow-up season could help resolve. Read about all of them on the Inquisitr, here.

“The White Princess” is available to watch via Starz. Stay tuned to learn if there will be a "White Princess" Season 2. If you are interested in reading more of my features on the Inquisitr, click here to browse my author profile.

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