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Miniseries Review: 'Alias Grace' (2017)

Netflix's gripping adaptation of Margaret Atwood's historical fiction novel centers on a young woman named Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon). Grace has been in prison, most of her adult life for her conviction in a brutal double murder.

Questions remain as to her guilt or innocence and in a biting…

Movie Review: 'A Christmas Prince' (2017)

“A Christmas Prince” is a royally entertaining way to spend an hour and a half. Rose McIver stars as Amber, a struggling editor and aspiring writer, who gets the chance of a lifetime when her boss sends her on a mission to cover the potential abdication of a fictional country's prince.

Desperate for a story that could catapult her career, she seizes the opportunity. When she arrives her shot at glory stalls. That is until she is mistaken as the new tutor to the prince's younger sister, Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey).

Top 10 Most-Read Posts of November 2017

November has come and gone, which means the Holidays are in full swing. With December well underway, it’s time to sit back, relax, and reflect on the penultimate month of the year’s most-read posts on Eclectic Pop.

Among the topics taking center stage are the PBS Masterpiece series "Poldark" and "Victoria," as well as a throwback costume drama; "North & South." Without further ado, let’s unwrap the Top 10…

Movie Review: 'Sword Master' (2016)

Few films encompass everything genres attempt to quantify. If a movie is categorized as a drama, you tend to expect few laughs and if a film is regarded as a comedy, you anticipate rare moments of deep drama.