Top 10 Most-Read Posts of November 2017

November has come and gone, which means the Holidays are in full swing. With December well underway, it’s time to sit back, relax, and reflect on the penultimate month of the year’s most-read posts on Eclectic Pop.

Among the topics taking center stage are the PBS Masterpiece series "Poldark" and "Victoria," as well as a throwback costume drama; "North & South." Without further ado, let’s unwrap the Top 10…

Top 10 Highlights:

“North & South”

The popular BBC miniseries actually appears in two of the most-read posts: its own solo review and Eclectic Pop’s list of top costume dramas. 

The 2004 series is featured as one of the 10 costume dramas Eclectic Pop is grateful for, as are "Poldark" and "Victoria." Find out what Eclectic Pop had to say about "North & South" and which other series made the two-part list by checking out the links below. You can watch the series for yourself via Netflix. It is currently streaming.


The third season of "Poldark" just finished airing on PBS Masterpiece, so the Writing About feature that includes all of the links to the content written about it for the Inquisitr is finished. Stay tuned, coverage on Season 4 has already begun. 

The fourth season of the popular drama is expected to premiere on PBS Masterpiece sometime in 2018. The first and second seasons of the series are currently streaming on Amazon Prime.


Queen Victoria is finishing the year strong on Eclectic Pop, as the comparative review between the feature film "The Young Victoria" and the ITV/PBS Masterpiece series "Victoria" continued to be a popular pick among readers. While the feature came in as the #8 most-read post in November, it is currently the #7 most-read post in Eclectic Pop's history. 

There is more good news. "The Young Victoria" is currently streaming on Netflix and Season 1 of "Victoria" is streaming on Amazon Prime. The second season of "Victoria" will finally premiere on PBS Masterpiece, January 14 at 8 p.m.

Fun Fact Stats:

-The review of “Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great” is now Eclectic Pop’s #1 most-read post.

-The review of one of the best films of 2017 was finally published and the movie is “Sword Master.” Since it made its U.S. premiere in 2017, it will qualify for Eclectic Pop’s annual Best of Movies list.

-Half of the posts featured in the Top 10 center on costume dramas.

Coming Soon on Eclectic Pop:

-A review of “Alias Grace” and “A Christmas Prince,” both of which are Netflix originals.

-Eclectic Pop’s picks for the best of 2017 movies and television. What can you expect from this year’s lists? A lot of series and films that you will not find on this year’s awards season ballots.

Thank You!

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And the Top 10 is…

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#4: “Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great” Season 1 Review

#3: Movie Review: “Security” (2017)

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#1: Movie Review: “The Getaway Plan” (2016)

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