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Miniseries Review: 'Desperate Romantics' (2009)

Before his breakout turn as Captain Ross Poldark, Aidan Turner played another role that involved romancing a similarly passionate redhead in the miniseries “Desperate Romantics.” The 2009 BBC miniseries charts the rise of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group founded by a trio of artists when none were doing particularly well with their craft. What is it they say about "faking it until you make it?"

Review: Canada's Stars On Ice 2018

Lights, passion, action! That sums up Canada’s 2018 Stars on Ice. A 26-hour drive (round-trip) culminated in a life-long memory that will carry this skating fan for eternity. The 2018 Stars on Ice in Ottawa was a spectacular event that showcased the exquisite talent of its starring skaters.

The music, choreography, and programs could not have been better put together. There were no dull moments as one carefully designed number after another filled the ice. Each skater performed twice individually, once with an upbeat number and the other time with a more serious one. The group numbers were all terrific, cohesively choreographed with wonderful casting to boot.

Stars On Ice Canada 2018 Soundtrack: Spotify Playlist

The stunning moves of Canada’s 2018 Stars on Ice skaters are backed by an incredible soundtrack. In the case of 3-time Olympic gold medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, that includes the majestic "Moulin Rouge" medley they skated to gold with, in Pyeongchang.

TV Review: 'The Chalet' (2017)

Promotional art for The Chalet on Netflix
If you love Agatha Christie mysteries, then you are likely to love "The Chalet." The French miniseries tells a set of intertwining stories that unravel running parallel. It's a tricky plot maneuver and "The Chalet" pulls it off to mesmeric effect.

Let's Discuss: 'Absentia' Season 1, Emily's Husband, And That Ending

It has been a long time since the treatment of a character in either a movie or a TV show got under my skin to the extent it did watching "Absentia." The last time was the movie “Warrior,” but that is a discussion for another day. For now, the Amazon series holds the record. It is a test…

Must-See Movie Review: 'The Royal Tailor' (2014)

“The Royal Taylor” takes a dramatic look at the saying “out with the old, in with the new.” It is a story that starts with a strong sense of comedy before turning a few shades darker. The movie begins in the present day at a press conference that unveils the works of Jo Dol-seok, the royal tailor during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. As his works are displayed, the film flashes back to the Joseon era, taking us behind the seams of the clothes that defined an era and a pivotal friendship.