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TV Review: 'Innocent' ('Masum') Season 1

Innocent Masum Serkan Keskin Taner Nur Sürer Nermin Bayrakçi Haluk Bilginer Cevdet Bayrakci Okan Yalabik Tarik Tülin Özen Emel Ali Atay Yusuf Bartu Küçükçaglayan Selim
If a picture is worth, a thousand words than one’s context supplies a billion. The TV series, “Innocent” (“Masum”) is a daring tale that's secrets are best kept from prospective viewers, curious to watch. To state it directly. It is well worth your time to do so.

TV Review: 'The Last Kingdom' Season 1 - 3 (No Major Spoilers)

One of those series that has tended to fly below the radar the past few years, “The Last Kingdom” has proven why it deserves to be buzzed about with the best of them.

Top 5 Most-Read Posts of 2018: 'Absentia' And More!

Absentia Season 1 Stana Katic Emily Byrne Amazon
What a year! Now, it is time to wrap-up Eclectic Pop’s end-of-the-year coverage by revealing the most-read posts on the site that were published in 2018. The top five includes a lot of television and movie-related content with a touch of music thrown in.

Top 5 Most-Read Movie Reviews Of 2018: 'Fifty Shades Freed' And More!

It has become a bit of an annual tradition on Eclectic Pop to reveal the most-read movie reviews of the year. That tradition will continue with the unveiling of 2018’s. There is one slight difference from years prior. Instead of ten, Eclectic Pop will reveal a more elite field of five.

Best Movies of 2018: 'Outlaw King,' 'To All The Boys,' 'Mamma Mia 2' And More!

While television was booming in 2018, watching movies remained an integral part of life. The ability to conjure and complete a story within 2 hours will never stop being a magical thing to behold.