Top 5 Most-Read Posts of 2018: 'Absentia' And More!

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What a year! Now, it is time to wrap-up Eclectic Pop’s end-of-the-year coverage by revealing the most-read posts on the site that were published in 2018. The top five includes a lot of television and movie-related content with a touch of music thrown in.

As was the case with the most-read movie reviews of 2018, the overall most-read will also spotlight the top five. Find out what posts proved the most popular by reading the list below.

#5: 2018 Winter Olympics: The Best Music in Ice Dance on Spotify

One of the greatest moments of 2018 was watching ice dance at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The Spotify playlist highlighted the music of ice dance gold medalists and pop culture sensations, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, among others.

Thanks to Virtue and Moir, it is safe to say that you will never listen to the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack the same way again. Listen to the magical music that accompanied their Olympic routine and many others, here.

#4: Best Movies of 2017: ‘Carrie Pilby,’ ‘The Duelist,’ ‘Sword Master,’ and more!

The list of 2017’s Best Movies handily took the fourth slot. Spotlighting the three terrific films mentioned in the headline, among many others, there is a bit of trivia that relates to this year’s list. “Carrie Pilby” director, Susan Johnson, returned to 2018’s “Best” list with the Netflix hit “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” Read 2017’s “Best of” here.

#3: Movie Review: ‘Lady Bird’ (2017)

“Lady Bird” took the top spot when it came to the most-read movie reviews and that is not the only impressive stat the indie darling earned on Eclectic Pop in 2018.

The review is currently the #8 all-time most-read post on Eclectic Pop. Way to go, “Lady Bird.” If you have not done so already, feel free to check out the review here.

#2: TV Review: "Silver Spoon" Season 1

When it comes to viewing options on Netflix, it does not get any better than “Silver Spoon.” Making the series’ case even stronger is that its second season is just as good. The popularity of Season 1’s review hopefully means others are also catching onto the delightful TV show.

Season 1’s review not only leaped to the penultimate spot on 2018’s most-read. It also ended the year as Eclectic Pop’s #7 most-read post of all-time. In case you have not watched the show yet and still need some persuasion, read the review for “Silver Spoon’s” first season, here.

#1: Let’s Discuss: "Absentia" Season 1, Emily’s Husband, and that Ending

When it came to the top spot, there was no contest. The breakdown of “Absentia’s” Season 1 ending soared to the top of the list. The companion piece to the review of the Amazon series’ first season, reflected on and probed how it drew to a close. Read it here.

Having easily topped the charts as the most-read post on Eclectic Pop in 2018, the “Absentia” feature also did something else. As of 2018, it is now the #1 most-read post of all-time on Eclectic Pop. Smoothly taking the top spot over from 2017’s top finisher.

Another year is in the books. If you have paid close to attention to the content that has dominated Eclectic Pop’s popular posts throughout the year, the winners may not come as much of a shock. More than a week into 2019 and it seems that this year may see its share of all-time shake-ups, so stay tuned.

As always, thank for reading Eclectic Pop. Your support means everything!

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