Streaming Spotlight: Acorn TV's 'London Kills'

"London Kills” is a brand-new series now on Acorn TV. The first TV show to receive a straight-to-series order from the streamer, the crime procedural comes from the creator of “Suspects,” Paul Marquess. So, what is it about?

“London Kills” follows a team of murder detectives as they solve cases in London, a location the title hints at. Who is in it? Hugo Speer ("Father Brown"), Sharon Small ("Murderland"), Bailey Patrick ("Bodyguard"), and Tori Allen-Martin ("Unforgotten") star as the series’ top-flight detective team.

The team includes DI David Bradford (Hugo Speer), the "ambitious" DS Vivienne Cole (Sharon Small), experienced solver of crime -- DC Rob Brady (Bailey Patrick), and Trainee DC Billie Fitzgerald (Tori Allen-Martin).

How many episodes are in it? There are five hour-long installments in the first season. So, a breezy binge-watch to be had by all.

What about the mysteries? How many of them will there be? “London Kills” takes a procedural approach to its caseload. Instead of a single case that encompasses the entire season, it will feature a new one in each episode.

There is an underlying mystery though. More on that in a sec. First, check out the trailer here and regroup below.

As you can tell from the trailer, there is an umbrella mystery/cold case that will be featured along with the episodic mysteries. The wife of Hugo Speer’s character, DI David Bradford, is missing. Her disappearance remains unsolved as “London Kills” gets underway and the trailer reveals the toll it is taking. Along with haunting him, it is also leading to tension.

Whether Bradford’s wife has been taken, left of her own free will, or is the victim of murder remains to be seen from the trailer. She has been gone three months when the series begins. That story could be an interesting one that plays out similarly to how Beckett’s did on “Castle.” For those looking for a longer-term mystery, it could hold the key.

The unspoken question is whether anyone suspects Bradford of having a hand in his wife’s disappearance. It seems unlikely though. That would be a plot twist. The trailer does not reveal a lot about the case, other than establishing its existence. Hence, there is a lot left to find out.

Doing five episodes to start things off is a great choice, as it offers a concise experience. You can get to know the characters, develop their relationships with one another, and explore how they work as a team in various scenarios. Based on the trailer, it seems the team will be thrust into quite a few high-octane situations.

Having a team of detectives instead of a pair of partners is also an excellent choice. The detective genre tends to rely on a duo dynamic, so having a four-person team should offer a unique spin on things.

The trailer shows off a season of exciting action and intense confrontations with suspects. As someone who tends to like their detective dramas with an overarching character-driven story to break up the procedural elements, "London Kills" seems, especially promising.

Acorn TV is home to a plethora of crime dramas and with "London Kills," it has its first straight-to-series undertaking. That is a huge step, and they seem to be making it with a strong show.

Crime procedurals have one of the trickiest tasks in television, and that is to come up with a new mystery for each episode. Based on Acorn TV's synopsis, "London Kills" has come up with five distinct and thought-provoking cases.

For anyone who fancies a good mystery, “London Kills” should be a great option. Plus, there is more headed Acorn TV subscribers' way. The second season, also comprised of 5 episodes, is set to arrive sometime this year (2019). That is a refreshing bit of news given the lengthy between-seasons wait that has involved other series.

“London Kills” is now streaming on Acorn TV.

[Featured Image by Acorn TV]