My Playlist Of Taylor Swift's Best Love Songs Includes 'Speak Now'

Taylor Swift Speak Now Album Art

After introducing her previous two albums with sassy singles, Taylor Swift's firstly released song for her seventh studio album is all about romance. “Me!” is a duet with Panic! At The Discos Brendon Urie. The track is filled with sweetness, sass, and she has come to impress (again).

Hearing Taylor Swift, in loving music mode, got me thinking about her best love songs. 💘 There are many, and the playlist below has over 39 of them. A volume of songs that accounts for over two hours of listening time. Enjoy!

There is not an element of life she cannot write about, and romance is one of those subjects. No one can tell a love story quite like Swift. She captures the yearning, bliss, and occasional devastation that goes along with it. This “best of” playlist focuses on the positives. There is not a single breakup song in sight.

A lot of the music that has gotten Taylor Swift to the top spot has been her love songs and breakup ballads. While the latter has garnered a lot of attention through the years, Swift knows her way around an incredible love song. Look no further than the music that comprises the following playlist.

Wondering which album got the most songs on the playlist? When you count albums’ bonus tracks, ‘Fearless: Taylor’s Version’ has the most with six songs. If you only include original releases; ‘Lover,’ ‘Reputation,’ and Taylor Swift’s eponymous debut album tie with five.

Interestingly, most of the albums contributed around three to five love songs. So, why is ‘Speak Now’ featured up top?

Of Swift's previous material, “Me!” seems most reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ era. It is fun, and the lyrics are whimsical and self-deprecating (“Back to December”). The song is optimistic and sunny. ‘Speak Now’s’ title track is similarly expressive, albeit with a more pointed storyline.

Accordingly, “Me!” and “I Think He Knows” easily earns a spot as one of Swift’s best love songs. It is exuberant. Emotionally intense moods and situations are discussed without the lyrics getting weighty or severe. “Me!” has fun with all of the over the top drama that can sometimes comprise a relationship.

Whether she is speaking about unrequited love (“Teardrops on My Guitar”), an everlasting encounter (“Wildest Dreams”), or a beguiling first meeting (“Enchanted”), Swift can tell a love story. Hence, no covers were used for this list despite her acoustic take on “Untouchable” being one of the standouts in her prestigious library.

It will be interesting to see what new love songs her seventh studio album will hold. This playlist of Taylor Swift’s best will be updated to include the highlights from her upcoming record, once it is released. Who is excited to hear what’s ahead? “Me!”

Out of the six albums released so far. The over 80 songs released via those records, plus soundtrack contributions, these are my favorite love songs by Taylor Swift. Stay tuned because there will be a playlist of the Best Taylor Swift Songs (period) coming soon. Listen on Spotify here or via the embed below:

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