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Spoiler-Free Review: Netflix's 'Money Heist' Season 1 And Season 2

Do not worry, I am not about to spoil a thing about “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 1 or Season 2. Giving you a general idea and handle of what to expect? You got it. “Money Heist” is a gripping heist series that does what few of its kind ever has.
For over 20 episodes in the Netflix for…

'Medici' Teases Season 3 Release Is 'Coming Soon' And More News

Medici Season 2 Bianca de' Medici Aurora Ruffino Lorenzo de' Medici Daniel Sharman
If you are like me, you are anxiously awaiting the Season 3 premiere of the sensational series, “Medici.” The first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. The second installment bowed towards the beginning of 2019 on the streaming service. Hence, fans in the U.S. have likely known that it would be a while before Season 3 arrived.

Let's Discuss: The Emotions Of Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Retiring

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Thank You Canada Tour
There are no words to describe the emotions that have sprung forth following Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s announcement that they are “stepping away” from the sport, which many are interpreting as retirement. I knew it was coming, but wow. As a long-time fan of theirs and figure skating, it is a lot to emotionally sift through. First, some facts before I get into the feelings.

Review: 'Godunov' Season 1 Begins With Intrigue And Royal Drama

Godunov Sergey Bezrukov Ivan Godunov
“Godunov” is a costume drama that chronicles an exciting part of history. Set in Russia, the series tells the story of its titular real-life character, Boris Godunov (Sergey Bezrukov), and his rise to prominence. Making Godunov’s ascent all the more intriguing is that he rises in the court of Ivan the Terrible.

'Better Than Us' Season 1 Ending On Netflix: Arisa Deserved Better

Few endings have gotten me as impassioned as the one Arisa gets on the Season 1 finale of “Better Than Us” (“Luchshe, chem lyudi”) on Netflix. The show gets off to an extraordinary start. The first few episodes center on a robot named Arisa, and the little girl she decides to let be her user. Those…

Must-See Movie Review: 'Tunnel' ('Teo-neol') Will Keep You Riveted

Survival stories often make you think the protagonist will endure the dark times ahead. Not in “Tunnel” (“Teo-neol”), an edge of your seat survival thriller that starts out with a busy business and family man making his way through a hectic day.

Movie Review: Everybody Needs To Know About 'Everybody Knows'

Everybody Knows Todos lo saben Laura Penelope Cruz Paco Javier Bardem
Everybody needs to know that writer/director's Asghar Farhadi dramatic thriller “Everybody Knows” (“Todos lo saben”) is a must-see. The film opens with the high hopes of a wedding. A happy occasion, which has drawn Penรฉlope Cruz's Laura back to her original home in a quaint village in Spain.

Movie Review: How Is 'Unbridled' ('Animales sin Collar') On Netflix?

Unbridled Animales sin Collar Natalia de Molina Nora Netflix
An aspiring politician, his devoted wife, and secrets from the past reach a fever pitch for potential calamity in “Unbridled” (“Animales sin Collar”). Abel (Daniel Grao) is a professor with a relentless desire to reach political office in Spain.

Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Album Lovingly Tops My 'Best Of' Spotify Playlist

Taylor Swift Lover
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, ‘Lover’ is out and it now tops my “Best of” Spotify playlist. The dreamy pop record has no shortage of catchy tunes. Every time Swift launches a new album, I have a tendency to think she cannot top herself. Well, I stand corrected.

Movie Review: 'I Still See You' Is A Supernatural Thriller Worth Seeing

I Still See You Bella Thorne Veronica Ronnie Calder
Proving that there are still intriguing stories to tell in the supernatural thriller sub-genre is the Bella Thorne starrer “I Still See You.” The movie is set in the aftermath of an event that has caused ghostly replays of deceased people to become visible to the living. More on that in a sec.