Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Album Lovingly Tops My 'Best Of' Spotify Playlist

Taylor Swift Lover
Taylor Swift's seventh studio album, ‘Lover’ is out and it now tops my “Best of” Spotify playlist. The dreamy pop record has no shortage of catchy tunes. Every time Swift launches a new album, I have a tendency to think she cannot top herself. Well, I stand corrected.

Taylor Swift is back! Not only with new music either. Swift is back to her ‘Red’-era (possibly ‘Speak Now’) self, replete with upbeat love songs and an equally cheerful aesthetic to go along with it. In a startling reversal, Swift went from the black-and-white cover of ‘Reputation’ to the vividly colorful daydream of ‘Lover’s’ cover art.

She kicked the launch of ‘Lover’ off with the release of her collaboration with Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie. “Me” offers a love song happily reminiscent of Taylor Swift's earlier albums. It turns out that she was just getting the party started with it. As a whole, ‘Lover’ is full-on lovable.

‘Lover’ is signature Swift replete with addictive hooks aided by vocal accents that demand to be replayed. New music from an artist always makes you want to take a trip down memory lane, and ‘Lover’ is no different.

I have been a fan of Taylor Swift’s music ever since “Tim McGraw” and can remember when her Wikipedia page was a single paragraph. So, it is incredible to see where her career is today. Taylor Swift is a global icon and a leading recording artist. A former country music sweetheart turned pop princess crossover.

She said the old Taylor Swift had died in the lead single from 'Reputation' (“Look What You Just Made Me Do”). With 'Lover,' it is evident that Swift has come back from from the dead. Yay! Her broody (and terrific) previous record made this fan concerned that she would never return.

Thankfully, ‘Lover’ heralds her epic return to life. Not that her previous incarnation was terrible. It was just different. Even the music there remained classic Swift: innovative, daring, and eclectic. ‘Lover’ offers a fresh array of the same motif. Swift is honest, self-effacing, pointed, and makes it clear that she is a die-hard romantic.

Eleven of the eighteen (yes, 18) tracks from ‘Lover’ made the cut for this “Best of” playlist. Personal favorites include the uber-lovely “London Boy,” which has played on a continuous loop for a while now. To be blunt, it ranks as one of her all-time best.

The catchy pop song surges with a chorus that can be nicely heard and readily recited. Swift’s lyricism has always been one of her strongest talents, and she proves it with songs like this. “London Boy” is playful, insightful, entertaining, and just plain, fun.

Other standouts include the LGBTQ+ supportive “You Need to Calm Down,” fuzzy ballad “Lover,” and the poignantly earnest “Soon You’ll Get Better.” If you believe that all of Taylor Swift’s albums contain sequels to her previous work than ‘Lover’ will make you a believer.

If my theory is correct, “Soon You’ll Get Better” is another chapter in Taylor Swift’s most personal tracks regarding her family. One of the others being one of her best songs, period: “The Best Day” (‘Fearless’).

Continuing with the sequel theory, “London Boy” is the follow-up to “Gorgeous” (‘Reputation’). Meanwhile, the euphoria-laden “Cruel Summer” and “Daylight” are strong candidates as the potential threequel to “Dress” (‘Reputation’) and “Wildest Dreams” (‘1989’).

Keeping the momentum going, “Lover” is the latest installment in her madly in love franchise. A theme previously found in “Call It What You Want” (‘Reputation’) and “This Love” (‘1989’) and the list of sequels go on.

Breakdown of the “Best Of”

‘Lover’ has 11 songs on the playlist. That is the most of any album. However, it is closely followed by ‘Reputation’ with 10. Taylor Swift’s fifth album ‘1989,’ ties with ‘Red,’ which both contribute 9 songs to the playlist. Overall, the trajectory is clear. Swift’s music remains a treasure trove for the senses.

Listen to the playlist via the embed below or by checking it on Spotify here.

[Featured Image by Valheria Rocha/Republic]