'Ekaterina' Season 3: Everything You Need To Know About It

Ekaterina Marina Alexandrova Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst Her Highness Ekaterina Alekseyevna Empress Catherine the Great
Yes, there is a Season 3 of “Ekaterina” and Marina Alexandrova stars in it. The Russian-language series has chronicled the rise and reign of Ekaterina aka Catherine the Great for two seasons. Both of which, are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Following the second season, it seemed that the Empress’ story may have come to an end. Not so fast!

“Ekaterina” has come back for a third installment entitled “Imposters.” It has already aired in Russia. As of November 2019, it has not been made available to stream on Amazon Prime Video (yet). Considering that the previous two seasons are there, it seems reasonable to hope that Season 3 will follow suit. So, what is the third season about?

Season 3 once again chronicles the travails of its titular character. To sum it up, Ekaterina (Marina Alexandrova) is still very much in love with Grigory Potemkin (Vladimir Yaglych). She is also ruling Russia and facing new threats to her power. A trailer for “Ekaterina” Season 3 is on YouTube. You can watch it with English subtitles here.

The trailer reveals a threat that is quite surprising, personally speaking. Season 3 sees the introduction of a young woman claiming to be the legitimate daughter of late Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. The first season of “Ekaterina” made it clear that Elizaveta having a long-lost child would be pretty impossible. So, this person is most certainly a pretender.

Suddenly, the title of Season 3 being “Imposters” makes a lot of sense. The trailer for “Ekaterina” hints at lots of intrigues and this new character, although a probable imposter, seems like a great way to shake things up. I am excited by the possibility of Marina Alexandrova getting to go toe-to-toe with another formidable feminine power in the vein of Julia Aug's Elizaveta.

Ekaterina and Empress Elizaveta’s relationship was one of the things that made the first season so good. If her “daughter” is anything like Elizaveta, it should make for an interesting dynamic between the two women. Fans of the costume drama should be in for a treat. Marina Alexandrova is such a star and getting to see her in this role again is a pleasant surprise.

It seems as though Ekaterina’s son, Pavel, and the actor who played him as a young adult (Pavel Tabakov, “The Duelist”) last season is back. “Ekaterina” and her son had a troubled relationship and going back to focus on that period is going to be interesting. Yes, “Imposters” does not pick up where it left off.

Season 3 instead heads back to chronicle Ekaterina's reign from 1774 to 1776, according to the Wiki for “Ekaterina.” Yes, that time was covered during last season's final two episodes. In dedicating this third outing to that period, it is safe to expect a deeper dive into those events in Season 3. Unfortunately, an exact source for this plot info was not given.

For those who have watched HBO’s recent “Catherine the Great” miniseries with Helen Mirren, Season 3 is something to look forward too! Of course, “Ekaterina” is your best option when it comes to brushing up on the iconic Empress, in my opinion.

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Ekaterina” are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. When Season 3 arrives on there (or another streamer), this page will be updated with the info.

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