Must-See Movie Review: 'Look for a Star' Shines Super Bright

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“Look for a Star” (“Yau lung hei fung”) is the heartwarming romantic comedy from director and producer Andrew Lau. The story centers on Andy Lau’s Sam. He is a billionaire, who lives in a Macau casino along with his staff. While they are there, he meets Shu Qi’s Milan, a free-spirited casino dealer with whom he shares an instant (if fraught) connection.

Not realizing he is rich and without the misunderstanding cleared up, the two eventually embark on a romance, and they are not the only ones. Sam's friends and employees also engage in their own individual quests for love. By including multiple affairs of the heart, “Look for a Star” only enchants further.

Each coupling has to face an issue that threatens the potential of their relationship. Can these couples make it? “Look for a Star” makes you wonder. The performances of the cast are so enchanting that it creates a whimsical story. One that is filled with high degrees of romanticism. Those who believe in love surmounting all odds will undoubtedly find “Look for a Star” appealing.

The chemistry between Andy Lau and Shu Qi is so effortlessly buoyant you believe that their characters could make it through their ensuing struggles. It is not an easy road. In fact, it is quite a journey. One filled with unexpected detours and a nail-biting final act. Their happiness getting secured does not feel guaranteed in the slightest.

Without Andy Lau and Shu Qi’s extraordinary on-screen chemistry, “Look for a Star” would not have the starry quality it does. As a person who never tires of romantic movies, the question often becomes wondering if the characters are genuinely meant to be together. While I watch a steady supply, my answer is never an automatic “yes.”

Sam and Milan won me over as much as they do each other. Their love story features all of the things you long to see. There are romantic gestures, genuine philosophical conversation, and fun dates that see their understanding of one another deepen. All of which, gives “Look for a Star” a chance to dazzle further.

As a romantic comedy, Andrew Lau’s 2009 film shines brightly. It possesses downright luminous energy, and the subplots involving Sam’s employees adds further depth and drama to the story. To the movie's credit, none of the romances feel underdeveloped, which is impressive considering the focus on the central couple.

“Look for a Star” is as riveting as it is romantic, and that is no easy feat. Andy Lau and Shu Qi’s characters' star-crossed love story is one of the few I have found myself rooting for to succeed, and that is saying something.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Look for a Star” (“Yau lung hei fung”) is currently streaming on Netflix.

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