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Oscars 2023: 'Gangubai Kathiawadi' and Alia Bhatt Were Snubbed

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s heartbreaking and magnificently stirring opus, “Gangubai Kathiawadi,” was the best movie of 2022. So, why are the 2022 Oscars -- the self-proclaimed pinnacle of international film acknowledgment -- coming and going without nominating it or its star, Alia Bhatt? The …

Must-See Movie Review: 'Bolshoi' Brilliantly Showcases Ballet

Ballet is brutal. A discipline that requires athletic endurance and artistic poise. For those who grew up taking a class or two, there is one ballet that you most assuredly heard discussed with the highest esteem by instructors -- the Bolshoi Ballet. It does not get more elite than their ballerina…

Must-See Movie Review: 'Look for a Star' Shines Super Bright

Look for a Star Andy Lau Sam Ching Shu Qi Milan Sit
“Look for a Star” (“Yau lung hei fung”) is the heartwarming romantic comedy from director and producer Andrew Lau. The story centers on Andy Lau’s Sam. He is a billionaire, who lives in a Macau casino along with his staff. While they are there, he meets Shu Qi’s Milan, a free-spirited casino dealer with whom he shares an instant (if fraught) connection.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Tunnel' ('Teo-neol') Will Keep You Riveted

Survival stories often make you think the protagonist will endure the dark times ahead. Not in “Tunnel” (“Teo-neol”), an edge of your seat survival thriller that starts out with a busy business and family man making his way through a hectic day.

Must-See Movie Review: 'My Christmas Love' (2016)

If you believe that a strong friendship is at the core of an enduring romantic relationship, then “My Christmas Love” contains the love story for you. The road from platonic friendship to romance is not entirely easy for some to navigate. For this Hallmark movie, the journey proves to be an incredibly suspenseful and entertaining one.

Must-See Movie Review: 'The Royal Tailor' (2014)

“The Royal Taylor” takes a dramatic look at the saying “out with the old, in with the new.” It is a story that starts with a strong sense of comedy before turning a few shades darker. The movie begins in the present day at a press conference that unveils the works of Jo Dol-seok, the royal tailor during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. As his works are displayed, the film flashes back to the Joseon era, taking us behind the seams of the clothes that defined an era and a pivotal friendship.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Sadece Sen' (2014)

Eclectic Pop - Must-See Movie Review 'Sadece Sen' 2014 - Netflix
Guilt, remorse, forgiveness, redemption, and love, all play a central role in “Sadece Sen,” a modern romantic epic that is enthralling, at every turn. A Turkish remake of the Korean film “Always,” “Sadece Sen” follows the love story that develops between Ali (Ibrahim Celikkol), a former boxer with a dark past, and Hazal (Bel๊ž”im Bilgin), a benevolent blind woman.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Little White Lies' (2010)

A magnificent ensemble leads this dramatic comedy about a flawed group of friends who head out on a lavish vacation, despite their beloved buddy suffering a severe motorcycle accident shortly before their planned excursion.

Must-See Movie Review: 'The Family Man' (2000)

“The Family Man” is truly one of the best movies ever made, period. That is because it is one of those rare jewels that can sustain multiple viewings and constant scrutiny. Unlike “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the dream sequence is the heart of the entire story. Where the typical dream fare of cinema, …

Must-See Movie Review: 'UV' (2007)

A French thriller that's plot plunges into deceptively deeper depths than the pool at its epicenter. “UV” is a gripping, character-driven mystery that explores the inner dynamics of a family in subtle turmoil.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Far and Away' (1992)

Far and Away Tom Cruise Joseph Donnelly Nicole Kidman Shannon Christie Universal Pictures
There are love stories, and then there are love stories. What makes a good love story is subjective, and most times, it has a very strict formula. Boy meets girl, the girl is with another guy, the girl is too gutless to say what she wants, as a triangle usually follows.

Must-See Movie Review: 'The Daytrippers' (1996)

A good movie entertains you. A great movie challenges you. A phenomenal movie makes you forget you’re watching one. A movie that accomplishes all of those feats is a must-see.

“The Daytrippers” captures the genuine comedy that springs from the antics of a family. The adventure of the film begins when the eldest daughter, Eliza (Hope Davis), finds a love letter amongst her husband, Louis’ (Stanley Tucci) things.