Has Netflix Renewed The Series 'Ragnarok' For Season 2 Yet?

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Image by Netflix
If you are like me, you have already binged Season 1 of “Ragnarok.” Comprised of six episodes, the first season is a breeze to get through, and its ending left this viewer wanting more. The season finale clearly seemed to be designed for a second season to follow. So, has Netflix renewed “Ragnarok” for Season 2 yet?

Update: Yes, “Ragnarok” has been renewed for Season 2! Netflix made the announcement on March 5 via its SeeWhat'sNext account on Twitter. The streaming giant did not announce a release/premiere date for the second season. As long as it is coming, I am sure that fans can handle the wait finding out.

My personal hope is that Season 2 will be released by next year (2021). That is just a wish at this point. Eclectic Pop will keep you posted! Check out Netflix’s “Ragnarok” renewal Tweet below and you can find the original version of this story after that. It includes some collateral information. Cue the Tweet!

Original 2/25/2020 Story: As of the publication of this story, the short answer is “no.” You have not missed anything. Netflix has not formally renewed “Ragnarok” for Season 2 yet. The fantasy series merits one on a quality level, in my opinion. Netflix does not typically release ratings details. Hence, that is not a consistent angle to leverage for renewal insight.

Netflix has launched a feature spotlighting the top 10 shows of the day. Sadly, “Ragnarok” is not currently among today’s (February 25). So, what does IMDb’s most popular TV list indicate? To be clear, this may provide no insight into determining the future of “Ragnarok.” I just thought it was worth including.

This past week (February 17 - 24), “Ragnarok” fell from the #9 most popular TV page on IMDb to #28. A steep drop of 19 spots. Keep in mind, Season 1 has been on Netflix for a while now. It premiered on January 31. A month is a reasonable amount of time to see a drop-off, in my opinion. Of course, #28 is still a good position.

To put that number in perspective, Netflix’s mega-popular drama “You” is currently sitting at #21 down 9 spots from its previous position at #12. “You” has already been renewed for Season 3. The thriller’s staying power comes after its second season debuted a month before “Ragnarok” on December 26, 2019.

The previous week (February 3 - 7), “Ragnarok” had been sitting mightily in the #4 spot on IMDb. It only slipped five places, which seemed to indicate that interest did not tremendously wane in the span of that week. To me, that is a rather impressive feat. Think Magne throwing that hammer as far as he did in Episode 1.

Whether or not this is an indication of anything, I remain hopeful the show is catching on. “Ragnarok” has the fantasy element of fellow Netflix series “Dark” going for it. Plus, with Marvel’s Thor being popular, you would think “Ragnarok” could easily find an audience within the superhero fandom.

Few series have brought as much personal delight as “Ragnarok,” Season 1 did. It is a creative show with a brilliant premise that marries a slew of subjects with Norse mythology as its backdrop. The Netflix series is narratively ambitious, well-produced, and acted. On that note, “The Order” is coming back, and “Ragnarok” reminds me of it.

One would think there could be some crossover between the two fanbases. They both have mystical elements and dynamic characters at the helm. Time will just have to tell. Of course, I am still waiting for Netflix to renew its brilliant 2018 mermaid series “Tidelands,” which seems more doubtful than ever considering the gap between its release and now.

Hopefully, news of a Season 2 renewal for “Ragnarok” is right around the bend. The show debuted on Netflix on January 31, 2020. That means it still has some time left on the 28-day renewal window Netflix uses, according to Vulture. Eclectic Pop will keep you updated as soon as news of Season 2 is confirmed either way.

At this point, it is impossible to know what the future holds. Hopefully, there will be an official announcement by Netflix regarding the fate of “Ragnarok” soon, whether it be about it getting renewed or cancelled. It is no fun to be left without any clear answers.

In the meantime, you can stream “Ragnarok” Season 1 on Netflix, along with a lot of other great shows. Eclectic Pop will also have a full analysis of Season 1’s ending coming soon, so stay tuned.