'The Red Shadows' Episode 5 Unleashes Pre-Finale Cliffhanger

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“The Red Shadows” (“Les Ombres Rouges”) unleashed a life and death pre-finale cliffhanger in Episode 5, aka the penultimate episode. After ending on a jaw-dropping note with the previous episode, the pre-finale installment outdid even that. As answers about Clara’s kidnapping seemed closer than ever before, a shocking moment upstaged it all.

Beware: Spoilers for Episode 5 of “The Red Shadows” are discussed beyond this point.

Episode 5 began with Aurore talking to a mystery person. She confronted them about their part in things, and then she was shot. As expected, “The Red Shadows” cut back to two days earlier. To touch on it briefly, little was gleaned from Clara’s father, aka the man who raised her.

Viewers still do not know who Clara’s biological father is. Nor do they know who was behind the kidnapping and subsequent ransom, only that Baptisti was hired by a secret someone. The man who raised Clara did not even know who it was. My top suspect is still Grandpa Garnier. Julien came across more innocent than ever in Episode 5.

About That Cliffhanger

Now to the significant cliffhanger, “The Red Shadows” led into the finale with. Aurore and her partner became aware of Baptisti having a mole within the police department. Jeanne, Auroee's boss who also happens to be Romain’s mistress, tried to make it seem like Romain was the mole when it is actually her.

Aurore figures all of this out and makes the shocking mistake of confronting her alone. Realizing that the walls are closing in, Jeanne takes out a gun and shoots Aurore right in the center of her chest. Aurore’s eyes flutter, and there is blood on her hands. It appears to be a fatal wound. Will “The Red Shadows,” let it be?

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It is a shocker that, while teased in Episode 5’s opening minutes, still felt surreal when it unfolded later on. I knew that Aurore would be shot, but never expected it to be in such a deadly location. She was hit dead center. “The Red Shadows” will have to take some artistic license for her to survive, in my opinion.

What Could Happen

The French-language series could explain that the bullet somehow missed something vital. However impossible that would be. Aurore dying would be shocking. She is the co-lead of “The Red Shadows.” The character that viewers have been looking over the shoulder of as she has tried to solve Clara’s kidnapping.

“The Red Shadows” could be pulling a “Game of Thrones” and going for a shocking and more real conclusion. The good guys do not always win, and if they do succeed on “The Red Shadows,” it could come at the price of some valuable casualties. In many ways, it feels like the drama could have been leading to this moment all along.

Aurore’s husband has expressed his frustration with her obsession over Clara’s case. He has been jealous of it but also concerned. Could he have been the writers’ hint that danger awaited Aurore if she kept pushing for answers? Maybe. Besides the foreshadowing, “The Red Shadows” has put itself in a corner that seems impossible to get out of.

Why Aurore Probably Dies

Why would Jeanne let Aurore live or call for assistance? She should call Baptisti’s guys and make Aurore “disappear.” The cover story being that Aurore chased down a lead that led to her vanishing. It would keep Jeanne from having to answer any questions about why Aurore was at her place and many other things.

I suppose Jeanne could say that Aurore found out about her husband’s affair, confronted her, and she shot Aurore in “self-defense” when she came at her. In truth, there are several ways this cliffhanger could play out on “The Red Shadows.” The question I have is if any of them will unravel with Aurore alive. It seems doubtful.

That said, Aurore and her husband did have that super-close moment, which hinted at them reconciling. Those kinds of goodbyes are a narrative favorite. A scene like that can hint at what could have been if Aurore had made different choices. A haunting plot thread for the audience to struggle with.

My Finale Prediction

I do not want it to happen, but I think “The Red Shadows” is going to kill Aurore off. Perhaps, the bad guys will come out on top in this one. There is only one episode left to find out who kidnapped Clara, who her biological father is, and for the characters to learn who shot Aurore and why.

Can it all get settled? I supposed it is feasible. However, it is also possible that many mysteries will be left unsolved. Viewers will soon find out. “The Red Shadows” (“Les Ombres Rouges”) finale will stream next Thursday on Sundance Now. It is a good show, and there are many of them streaming.