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Review: Netflix's 'White Lines' Season 1 Satisfyingly Blurs Them All

What is love, lust, closure, revenge, and justice? In Season 1 of Netflix’s edgy and intriguing “White Lines,” it is a messy mirage. “Money Heist” creator, Alex Pina, goes for the jugular with a vivid and visceral sun-kissed offering that is sensual, sensational, and downright addictive.
Season 1 o…

Movie Review: Netflix Comedy 'The Wrong Missy' Gets A Lot Right

“The Wrong Missy” is a wild good time to kick off the hot months. If you need some fun in the sun via a luxurious vacation movie, this Netflix original is it. David Spade delivers a laugh out loud fest very much in the vein of his previous collaborations with Adam Sandler.

Sandler’s Happy Gilmore Pr…

Movie Review: 'The Legacy Of The Bones' Is One Chilling Sequel

Before you watch “The Legacy of the Bones” (“Legado en Los Huesos”), you need to watch “The Invisible Guardian.” It is the only way to fully obtain the context of the sequel, which works as a standalone movie. Though it thrives as part of a larger creative puzzle. Thankfully, Netflix is already st…

TV Review: Netflix's 'The Last Kingdom' Sensational In Season 4

“The Last Kingdom” storms back into action in the long-anticipated Season 4, and it proves itself more than worthy of the wait. To say it is a defining season would be accurate. It is the series’ first without a key player throughout its first three seasons and its third on Netflix. How does it ha…