Movie Review: Netflix Comedy 'The Wrong Missy' Gets A Lot Right

The Wrong Missy David Spade Tim Morris Lauren Lapkus Missy Netflix
Image by Netflix
“The Wrong Missy” is a wild good time to kick off the hot months. If you need some fun in the sun via a luxurious vacation movie, this Netflix original is it. David Spade delivers a laugh out loud fest very much in the vein of his previous collaborations with Adam Sandler.

Sandler’s Happy Gilmore Productions produced “The Wrong Missy.” Hence, the connection goes a bit deeper here. Like Adam Sandler’s outrageously hilarious “That’s My Boy” and to a somewhat lesser excessive degree, Sandler’s recent Netflix buddy movie with David Spade “The Do-Over,” “The Wrong Missy” springs into over-the-top dialogue and antics to get its laughs, and it works.

In “The Wrong Missy,” David Spade stars as Tim Morris, a bank employee readying for a big promotion as his romantic life is in upheaval. Tim’s fiancรฉ (Sarah Chalke) left him for another man, and he is struggling to find his next love interest. Set-up on a hilariously disastrous blind date by his grandma, Tim encounters the woman of his nightmares.

Missy (Lauren Lapkus) is an over the top aggressive bachelorette who says anything and everything that comes to her mind. She is also certified in almost everything, although her employment situation is tough to follow. Nevertheless, she loves Tim. After their first date, he does not return her feelings. In fact, he loathes her.

Fast forward in time a bit and cut to a misunderstanding that I will not spoil (do not watch the trailer), and Tim and Missy crash land back into each other’s orbit. If there was one concern heading into “The Wrong Missy,” it was that Lauren Lapkus’ routine as the mischievous Missy would get old fast. That never happens.

Lauren Lapkus goes for it, and it never gets tired. At a breezy hour-and-a-half, “The Wrong Missy” is a knockout punch of funny that rarely misses its mark. Lapkus truly holds her own with David Spade in a remarkable way. Here is hoping that this is not the last time the duo shares the screen. They are too good together not to give it another go.

David Spade is the perfect lead and straight man that “The Wrong Missy” needs to counterbalance the zany energy that Missy emits. Speaking of whom, Lauren Lapkus’ fearless performance as Missy is as engaging on a physical level as it is anything else. There are sight gags galore, and Lapkus does not rely on them alone. Her line delivery is bold, fresh, and surprisingly natural for a character beyond belief.

“The Wrong Missy” features a Hallmark movie formula with the raunchy escapades you would never dream of finding while watching one. Still, the idea of a misunderstanding, opposites attracting, and a potential love story blooming is all there.

David Spade being front and center where he belongs, is enough to excite any long-time fan of the actor. Add in a worthy script, zippy direction, and a fantastic screen partner, and what you get are the ingredients for “The Wrong Missy” to get a lot right.

Rating: 7.5/10

“The Wrong Missy” is currently streaming on Netflix alongside a lot of other terrifically entertaining movies.