Summer Movie Suggestions: Head To France With The Dramas 'UV' And 'Little White Lies'

UV Movie Poster
If you are like me, you probably want to keep those summer vibes going when you watch a movie. Because let’s face it. It can be a little weird to watch a film set in the frozen tundra when it is 90+ degrees outside. Even if they are incredibly entertaining.

When it comes to viewing options in the summer, it is also lovely to take a vacation during a staycation. How do you make a trip without leaving your couch? By turning on a TV show or movie that transports you to another location.

In a single day, you can be in tons of different places all of the globe, including fictional universes. For this feature, we are heading to France. Taking the temperature into account, here are two sizzling summertime movies worth checking out.


The first summer movie suggestion is the 2007 film “UV.” Directed by “Dark Places” helmer Gilles Paquet-Brenner, it is a “dramedic” thriller of sorts. The film is set amidst a family’s vacation or “holiday.” It has previously been featured as a must-see movie on Eclectic Pop.

The central family is comprised of a mother, father, their two adult daughters, the one daughter’s husband, and her children. There is also a son/brother, but he has not shown up. As the movie develops, that becomes the center of the mystery.

The movie begins with the two adult sisters hanging out by the pool when this guy shows up claiming to be a good friend of their brother. While there is skepticism that begins to take root, so does the sisters’ rivalry for the mysterious man’s attention.

The married sister’s husband justly has a problem with that, which sets off a rivalry between him and the brother’s supposed friend. All of this ultimately charges a film that is pretty freaking thrilling.

There is the cat-and-mouse game between the mystery man and the sister’s husband. The will they/won’t-they of the sisters’ respective flirtations with their brother’s “friend” and the most significant question of them all. Is the mystery man who he says he is?

It is an electrifying movie in every sense. Even as it leaves you chuckling, you can feel the ominous undercurrent flowing beneath, and it is engrossing beyond belief. “UV” has not enjoyed the notoriety of another poolside French thriller (“Swimming Pool”), but it deserves it just as much, if not in some ways, more.

Little White Lies Poster Marion Cotillard
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“Little White Lies”

The second suggestion is the French-language dramedy, “Little White Lies” (originally titled “Les Petit Muchoirs”). The movie stars a who’s who of French stars, from Marion Cotillard to Franรงois Cluzet, this movie has you covered. Making matters even better is they are all wisely used.

The plot is akin to “The Big Chill,” but much (emphasis on much) better. Granted, “The Big Chill” did nothing for me, except exceedingly annoy yours truly with its storyline. This is not about “The Big Chill” though. It is about “Little White Lies.”

The French film deals with a group of friends heading on their planned vacation despite one of their core buddies, suffering a traumatic motorcycle accident. Following this decision, the group endures a bunch of situations, some comic and many dramatic in nature.

“Little White Lies” is an all-encompassing film, and the soundtrack underscores its light-hearted if serious, motif. It is nearly 3 hours long. However, you can rest assured that time flies by, quickly. This is just one of those movies that make you feel a bit of everything, and it cannot get recommended highly enough.

There is a 2019 sequel, per IMDb. It appears that everyone (including the director) is back! When it will be released in the U.S. is currently a mystery. Knowing that there will be a chance to see these characters again should be an added incentive to check it out. Like some of summer's returning television, it is better to catch up now.

“Little White Lies” is currently streaming on Prime Video. Unfortunately, “UV” is not streaming on either Netflix or Prime at the moment, so keep an eye out. It is worth it.