TV Review: Acorn TV's 'The Sounds' Premiere Builds Sound Mystery

he Sounds Rachelle Lefevre Maggie Cabbott Acorn TV
Image by Acorn TV

Rachelle Lefevre stars in Acorn TV’s mysterious new series, “The Sounds,” created and written by novelist Sarah-Kate Lynch. If the first two episodes that comprise its premiere are any indication, fans of the suspense genre and double-crosses will like what they find. Like fellow Acorn TV series “Straight Forward” and Season 2 of “Wanted,” “The Sounds” is also set in the picturesque beauty of New Zealand.

“The Sounds” begins as Rachelle Lefevre’s Maggie gets off a plane from Canada to join her husband, Tom (Matt Whelan). He has been in the small New Zealand town preparing his new business venture for the past six weeks. The couple has been married many years, and their varying backgrounds has led to tension with Tom’s family.

A trust fund baby, Tom, is attempting to strike out on his own. A luxury his wife simply called “necessity” as she set out to become a lawyer despite a disparate personal background. Unfortunately, “The Sounds” has more turmoil in store for Maggie. Not long after reuniting with her husband, he vanishes while they are out boating.

It all happens when Maggie takes a swim, and Tom is out kayaking. After Tom disappears, Maggie is faced with the mysterious disappearance of her husband, a town filled with intrigue and lots of personal suspicions. What has been happening in Maggie’s absence, and what is going on now that she is there? The two-episode premiere of “The Sounds” on Acorn TV sets up a sound mystery.

It is one that will call to mind Goldie Hawn’s “Deceived” and Ashley Judd’s “Double Jeopardy” minus the confirmation of Maggie’s husband being entirely nefarious. “The Sounds” works to set its hook by getting the audience to sympathize with Rachelle Lefevre’s Maggie, and it not a difficult feat. Lefevre knows how to craft a likable, if not an all-out loveable, heroine. See for yourself:

The first two episodes show signs that “The Sounds” knows it needs to ratchet up the suspense with each installment in the premiere, and it does. There is an urgency to the plot that staves off the sense of malaise and an affable cast of supporting characters that only add to the dimension of the series.

“Arrow’s” Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) is on the scene, and so is the scene-stealing Emily Piggford as Esther, the financial investigator for Tom’s family. If all of this sounds appealing, there is a reason. Acorn TV has itself another fun mystery to consider heading into fall. Check out this behind-the-scenes look below:

The story is just beginning, and the hints it gives regarding the unknown provides ample impetus to anticipate weekly installments. If you enjoyed “Straight Forward” and “The Red Shadows,” “The Sounds” should hit the spot. The show does not just “sound” good. It is great. 

Rating: 8/10

“The Sounds” premieres Thursday, September 3. Following the two-episode premiere, new episodes will air weekly on Mondays on Acorn TV.