Will 'The Blacklist' Reveal Liz Is Red's Daughter When Truth Emerges?

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During Season 8, Episode 20 of “The Blacklist,” one thought continuously came to mind. Liz Keen can only be tolerated by Raymond Reddington if she is his daughter. After a lot of hand-wringing, the long-running NBC drama seems primed to go there again. Or will it?

Warning: Spoilers for the June 4 episode of “The Blacklist” (Season 8, Episode 20 “Godwin Page”) get discussed beyond this point.

“The Blacklist” has teased that Red is Liz’s dad before. They spent an entire season co-existing that way before Liz learned that Red is an imposter. “Forget everything you think you know,” Red said in the promo for Season 8, Episode 21. So, I will forget that Red is supposedly not Raymond Reddington, and therefore not Liz’s father because, let’s face it.

Liz Has To Be Red’s Daughter, Right?

A daughter is the only person Red would put up with trying to kill him – more than once. In Episode 20, “The Blacklist” laid the groundwork for its most daring finale yet, with Liz providing the coordinates to Red in exchange for her life. Viewers have to know that the tracking chip is going to get activated again soon.

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My theory: Liz’s actions are going to have dire consequences that she regrets. She will learn the truth (she is Red’s daughter) only to sorrowfully regret what she has put into motion – Townsend getting closer than ever to killing Red. I doubt that Townsend will succeed. Whoever he is, Red is still Red. “The Blacklist” is probably going to have a fun time jerking fans’ chains with it, though.

Liz Is Driving Me Crazy

“Godwin Page” marks the episode that Liz was the least tolerable in, betraying Red time and again. There is not one drop of good faith left for Red by the disgraced FBI agent, who is now in the government’s burn book (goodbye Task Force). It is exhausting, annoying, and frustrating. Liz does not deserve the truth, but “The Blacklist” finally seems ready to give it to her.

As feared, it did not happen in Season 8, Episode 20. When “The Blacklist” returns, it promises to unveil the unvarnished truth at long last on June 16. This fan is excited, skeptical, and hopeful, with a few other emotions thrown in for good measure. Will Red finally unburden Liz and us with his big secret?

Redstova Theory Alive And Well?

Redstova (Red is Katarina) fan theorists probably think their theory will be the one that gets proven true. Time will tell. “The Blacklist” did not hold back from teasing the possibility. A little too straightforwardly for me to believe it, but I could be wrong. I am excited to learn what awaits. One thing is certain. I think Liz is Red’s child.

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It is the only way that Red could forgive the absolutely trying machinations of Liz. She has had him arrested, sent to the death chair, helped set him free, and repeatedly tried to kill him all over again. In all of that, I have nary heard an apology from Liz, who has simply offered the “you brought it on for not telling me the truth” excuse.

About Red’s Health Scare…

I am ready for Liz to apologize and really grovel. “The Blacklist” will probably have Red encounter yet another near-death experience before that happens. Speaking of, how is his health? He was struggling earlier but appears fit as a fiddle now. Someone, please cure Red, stat!

This fan cannot handle Red surviving Townsend, only to have him near-death because of his illness. I am ready to have Red in a safe zone because he is the show’s star, and “The Blacklist” cannot lose him. That said, something tells me that I need to keep wishing.

Will the Truth Set Liz Free?

Call me delusional, but I think “The Blacklist” is really going to deliver this time. The truth about who Red is and why he entered Liz’s life is finally within reach, and while I have enjoyed the ride, I am ready for it. There are a lot of stories left to tell once that is out of the way.

At the core, “The Blacklist” has always felt like a show about a father/daughter duo working through family angst while bringing down criminals. If that turns out to be true on paper and in essence, I will be pleased.

One thing that undoubtedly needs to happen is for Liz to see her “mother” as clearly as she claims to see Red. Every fault he has, she sees with glaring honesty, even those that do not exist. Whether biological or not, Red has loved Liz like a daughter. It is time for her to do the same in return.

“The Blacklist” will return with the truth about everything on June 16 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Of course, promos for this past episode said the truth was coming in it. So, keep those expectations reasonable. I love the show and all, but the goalpost has moved enough already.