'El Cid' Season 2 Has Premiered: So, Here's Season 1's Ending Explained

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It is true! “El Cid” (aka “The Legend of El Cid”) is already back for Season 2, and if you need the Season 1 ending getting explained, you came to the right place. Less than a year after premiering on Amazon Prime Video, the second season of the Spanish-language series has bowed on the streamer. So how did the Season 1 ending set it up?

From whom got the keys to the kingdom to whose murder rocked the finale, I am about to break down what went down in the final moments of Season 1. To quickly recap, at the end of 2020, Amazon delighted fans of sword-and-sandal costume epics with the premiere of “El Cid,” which stars “Money Heist” actor Jaime Lorente in the title role.

With a television landscape that is still void of “Game of Thrones” level storytelling and production value, “El Cid” bravely stepped to the fore. On Eclectic Pop, praise was exalted on the freshman series, which featured swashbuckling adventure and rich character development.

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If you are excited to see what lies ahead for Ruy, you are hopefully in for a treat. Here is where “El Cid” left viewers with Season 1’s ending and how it set up Season 2 in the process. Be aware, spoilers for the last season are explained in detail below. If you do not want to know or be reminded, steer clear, now!

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The Keys to the Kingdom

In a startling and daring move during the Season 1 finale of “El Cid,” Ferdinand splits the kingdom. The eldest son, Sancho, is accordingly proclaimed the King of Castille. As a result, Alfonso gets the kingdom of Leon and the imperial title of King of the Goths. (I do not think he will have to wear black nail polish.) Hence, making Alfonso and not Sancho king.

Garcia will be the King of Galicia. Urraca and Elvira respectively inherit the noble towns of Zamora and Toro and are forced to never marry. All of the siblings are also leveraged to swear that they will not raise a hand against each other. Alfonso is the first to kneel in acceptance of his father’s will. Why wouldn’t he? Season 1’s ending is quite gracious to him.

Sancho and Urraca are the last to bend the knee, with Sancho the first to eventually kneel. Then, when it comes to being Ruy’s turn, Ferdinand tells Ruy that he knows his heritage and makes Ruy vow to make certain that Ferdinand’s kids do not fight each other. Then comes the “big ask,” if you will.

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Ruy’s Fate In Season 1

Ferdinand demands that Ruy swear to never spill the blood of Ferdinand’s children. Ruy chooses his words carefully, only vowing to die defending his king, Sancho. But, “El Cid” is not done yet. Ruy also vows to fulfill his duty as his father did, without ever expecting not so much as a “thank you” in return. His grandpa is super proud.

The joy of Ruy’s grandpa is soon dashed as his grandson is caught in yet another situation. Proverbial thorn-in-the-side -- Count Flain - is killed by an assassin following Ferdinand the Great’s funeral. Ruy is immediately fingered as the assassin by Flain’s villainous and distraught son, Orduno. As Season 1 ends, Ruy looks to the sky, furious over his latest predicament.

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How Season 1’s Ending Set-Up Season 2

Ruy is now a murder suspect, which should mean he will be working to find the real killer to clear his name. Since Ruy is destined to become the titular “El Cid,” I have faith he will do that. In the meantime, Ruy might have a rough go at things.

As for the bickering siblings, since their dad made such a big point about them being at peace with one another, my bet is they will be anything but in Season 2. “El Cid” has set up loads of sibling rivalry (“Yellowstone”?) with Ruy right in the middle of it as he defends Sancho. I am curious to see how all of that develops.

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In Closing, What I Am Excited For In Season 2

There is a lot to get excited about when it comes to “El Cid.” The show’s first season was an unexpected sliver of excellence. Hopefully, they hold back on some of the “realness” it showed in Season 1. As long as the quality of storytelling is there, I will be ready to binge “El Cid.” Unfortunately, it will be a short but sweet binge.

Is “El Cid” only five episodes? Sadly, yes. Season 2 (and Season 1) of “El Cid” are comprised of only five episodes. However, it might feel movie-like with the Season 2 finale stretching out for an hour and eleven minutes. Or at least, here is hoping. Both seasons of “El Cid” are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video alongside every season of “Vikings.” I am already hankering for Season 3!