Bailey Sarian - Murder, Mystery, And Makeup: What's Going On?

Murder Mystery and Makeup Monday Bailey Sarian YouTube
Murder, Mystery, and Makeup Screenshot / YouTube

Bailey Sarian is one of the most popular stars on YouTube and one of the leading voices of its true crime section, thanks to “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” (“MMM”). The makeup artist has used her uncanny multi-tasking skills to talk directly to viewers, telling the highly detailed story of a real-life murder while applying an ambitious makeup look. The odd combination has been a huge hit.

However, as 2022 begins its final half, Sarian may be sailing into her first batch of stormy backlash.

As it stands, Bailey Sarian has nearly 6.5 million subscribers. She has two popular series: true-crime-centric “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” (“MMM”) and “Dark History.” The latter is decidedly less popular yet has a much more consistent output since it premiered in 2021. “MMM” is far more popular, with millions of views per video. It is the cornerstone of Sarian’s blockbuster brand.

In various corners of the internet, resentment among members of Bailey Sarian’s fanbase is growing towards “Dark History.” Many see that series’ consistency remaining untouched as “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” remains trapped in a perilous headwind. At the end of 2021, Sarian announced a break, and she accordingly returned in January with new “MMM” videos.

There was just one issue.

Uploads have been patchy, and there has not been a new one since May 2022. In the meantime, new videos of “Dark History” have continued to roll out steadily, alongside new merch. Fans have accordingly expressed their dismay, bringing up many other talking points. Let’s stay on-topic, though.

Bailey Sarian is in a tough spot with her supporters at the moment. After telling a commenter on Instagram that new episodes of “MMM” would return in mid-July, new content on that front never materialized. Since then, Sarian has said on Instagram that new “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” videos would be “coming soon.” In an August 11th tweet, Sarian shared she is “set” for a September 12th return date.

So, what on earth is going on, and could this hubbub cost Sarian her fanbase? 

The wait for new “MMM” content may not cost her anything, although what Sarian recently said in a profile with BBC might. Speaking to the outlet, Bailey Sarian reportedly expressed hope that “MMM” would find its way onto a streaming platform. Sarian has a relationship with a rather famous one, arguably the most high-profile on the planet: Netflix.

The YouTuber superstar has been featured in crossover content for the mega-streamer. If “MMM” were to end up on there, you can bet your bottom dollar there could be pushback. Right now, fans do not have to “pay” to watch “MMM” on YouTube. They enjoy the occasional ad break instead. On the topic of “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” and streaming, Sarian told BBC:

“But I’m honestly not sure. I’m just buckled in, going along for the ride.”

Assuming that most of Bailey Sarian’s fanbase does not have Netflix, it could annoy them to pay to watch “MMM.” Of course, one could foresee Bailey Sarian doing a theoretical promo code (“Bailey4Netflix”) for four free months of free Netflix to get fans on board. Would they go for it, though?

It all depends on if fans have had to wait so long for new videos of “MMM” for the bait and switch of a streaming deal. If so, it could be a disaster - spurring a backlash of seismic proportions - a PR nightmare. That said, you cannot miss the upside for Bailey Sarian and Netflix.

The streamer has been flexing a lot of true crime muscle recently, and having Sarian on board would be huge.

Bailey Sarian’s content has a massive shelf-life, which is great for library-minded streaming. So, why Netflix instead of Hulu? Well, there is more than one sign that Netflix is the most obvious streaming candidate to house “MMM.” The streamer has not been shy about bulking up its true crime library, and “MMM” would be a win for them in that category. It is Sarian with the most to lose.

The YouTube superstar built her empire with a lot of hard work. It would be tragic for one business decision to wreck it all. Amid her content breaks, Sarian has been open about her breakup with her long-time partner, Fern. Bailey announced the split in a since-deleted tweet in January 2022. Social media posts have provided poignant glimpses into her struggle to mend a shattered heart.

The makeup maven has made it clear she has needed a break.

Despite that, corners of the fandom have grown resentful, and a potential backlash has been brewing online. Quiet and curious corners of the internet have been chattier than usual, especially as “Dark History” Season 2 has begun. The internet can run out of patience, even for one of its most charismatic stars, and Bailey Sarian is certainly one of YouTube’s.

Forget the newscaster straight-shot and traditional news magazine delivery. Bailey Sarian knows that what she is talking about is maddening and that the murderer she is discussing is a scumbag. There is no tip-toeing around it, and her candor is refreshing. It is a difficult line to walk, and Sarian never crosses the blunt one of being disrespectful.

The YouTuber does all of this without losing any of her signature personality. Bailey Sarian’s delivery is unique in its warm effervescence, which is punctuated with her signature catchphrases (“suspish” and “nay-nay”). Her appeal transcends age demographics. This 32-year-old became an avid viewer a few years ago in 2020, and my mother is now one too. We will remain such.