Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour Setlist: Every Song in One Playlist

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Taylor Swift and her setlist for The Eras Tour is here! Swift’s return to the stage is currently unfolding across the country as she regales them with her hits from “Midnights” and “Folklore” to “Lover” and beyond. The full setlist has been put into Spotify playlist form below to commemorate it all. Listen for yourself:

This playlist of The Eras Tour comprises nearly 50 songs, including acoustic and live versions (when available), to give you as many “concert” vibes as possible. (Link to listen here.) The “surprise” songs Taylor Swift performs after the “1989” segment -- are not included as they are subject to change.

The Eras Tour setlist usually involves around 50 songs, the first of which sees Swift pick up where she left off -- with her “Lover” 💘 era. The concert starts with an interlude from “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince” (“It’s been a long time coming”). Taylor Swift’s choice of a refrain is a possible reference to the five-year gap between her last and current tours.

From there, it is a zigzag from past to present. The set list weaves through Swift’s storied contributions without following their release order.

For instance, “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” came out well after “Evermore,” “Reputation,” and “Lover.” However, tracks from the 2021 re-recorded version of Taylor Swift’s smash hit 2008 record are performed after “Lover.” The move keeps The Eras Tour setlist from running the risk of sounding complacent. That said, “Lover” and “Midnights” are sequential bookends.

“Lover” was the last album released before Taylor Swift’s tour moratorium, while “Midnights” is Swift’s latest. It is quite the mood shift, and Swift has made some dazzling choices to make the leap. Of course, it does make me wonder. What Taylor Swift era are you currently experiencing? 

Please share in the comments section below. 💬 I would love to know your picks. 🤗

For his part, “The Fault in Our Stars” author John Green shared that TikTok told him he was in his “Folklore” era. Green believes he is in his “Reputation” era, per Billboard. When that album came out, I felt like I was living it. Thankfully, I am not that angry anymore. (Thank you, Chewy!)

Winding things down, it is worth noting that my favorite song from “Midnights” (“Karma”) is the one that closes the show. 🤩 It goes without saying that those who get to see Miss Swift are – blessed – and I am so happy for them. Are you not going to be able to attend The Eras Tour?

If not, I have to “Speak Now.” This Swiftie feels your pain. The good news is that you can at least enjoy the songs that Swift will perform during her expansive retrospective. After all, this playlist is not “Folklore.” You can listen to it on difficult “Midnights,” breezily recalling the “Reputation” that Taylor Swift has for creating “Fearless” concerts. Talk about painting the town “Red.” 😉