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Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


TV Review: 'High Seas' ('Alta Mar') Season 1 Premiere Is Strong Netflix Voyage

High Seas Alta Mar Fernando Fábregas Eloy Azorín Carolina Villanueva Alejandra Onieva Eva Villanueva Ivana Baquero Nicolás Vázquez Jon Kortajarena Netflix
Costume drama? Check. Mystery? Check. Single-set location with gorgeous production values? Check. If these things are on your watchlist wishlist, “High Seas” (originally titled “Alta mar”) is the next Netflix series for you. One episode in and yours truly is hooked, thanks to a strong cast of characters and an intricate web of intrigue.

TV Review: 'The Order' Season 1 Proves Itself As Fun Freshman Escape

The Order Alyssa Drake Sarah Grey  Jack Morton Jake Manley Netflix
When was the last time you actually had fun watching a television show? Where it entertained you with characters that actually enjoyed their lives despite their complicated circumstances? A show that was thought-provoking yet an escape. That is what the Netflix original, “The Order,” manages to deliver with tremendous finesse in Season 1.

TV Review: 'Unauthorized Living' ('Vivir Sin Permiso') Season 1 On Netflix

Unauthorized Living Vivir sin permiso Nemo Bandeira Jose Coronado
Familial related drama is at the core of any good television series and the Netflix original “Unauthorized Living” (“Vivir sin Permiso”) provides a prime example of why that is. It is a saga that marries multiple layers of intrigue. Acting as a crime drama and thriller amidst a backdrop of family-led tension.

TV Review: Noir Doubt About It. 'Borderliner' Is A Netflix Must-See

How far would you go for your family? That is the question at the heart of the haunting noir, “Borderliner” (originally titled “Grenseland”), and the answer it comes up with is complicated. As a police detective visits his family that complex conundrum is precisely what he gets faced with handling.

Movie Review: 'Mirage' ('Durante La Tormenta') On Netflix

Mirage Durante La Tormenta Poster David Ortiz Álvaro Morte Inspector Leyra Chino Vera Roy Adriana Ugarte Darín Ángel Prieto Javier Gutiérrez Netflix
Altered timelines are a robust subgenre at this point. Whether it is "Frequency" in film or "Dark" on television, curious minds have no shortage of options. The thing is, telling such a story can often leave the plot in a narrative loop. "Mirage" (originally titled "Durante la tormenta") is nowhere close to spinning in circles.

TV Review: 'Tidelands' Season 1 Sultry Fun In The Netflix Sun

Tidelands Adrielle Cuthbert Elsa Pataky Calliope Cal McTeer Charlotte Best Netflix
Origin stories can be tedious. Not in the case of Netflix's sultry siren drama, "Tidelands." The mermaid-tinged series brings a sense of real-life conflict to its story's supernatural mystique. Set in Australia, the story follows two very different women as their paths eventually converge amidst a sea of turmoil both old and new.

TV Review: 'Medici' Season 2 'The Magnificent'

Medici The Magnificent Jacopo de Pazzi Sean Bean Lorenzo de Medici Daniel Sharman
When viewers of "Medici" last saw the series' titular family, the story left off with its focus on their groundbreaking leader, Cosimo. Leaping forward in time, “Medici: The Magnificent” picks up with Cosimo’s eldest grandson, Lorenzo (Daniel Sharman), as a grown man.

TV Review: 'Innocent' ('Masum') Season 1

Innocent Masum Serkan Keskin Taner Nur Sürer Nermin Bayrakçi Haluk Bilginer Cevdet Bayrakci Okan Yalabik Tarik Tülin Özen Emel Ali Atay Yusuf Bartu Küçükçaglayan Selim
If a picture is worth, a thousand words than one’s context supplies a billion. The TV series, “Innocent” (“Masum”) is a daring tale that's secrets are best kept from prospective viewers, curious to watch. To state it directly. It is well worth your time to do so.

TV Review: 'The Last Kingdom' Season 1 - 3 (No Major Spoilers)

One of those series that has tended to fly below the radar the past few years, “The Last Kingdom” has proven why it deserves to be buzzed about with the best of them.

TV Review: 'Wanted' Season 3 On Netflix

Wanted Lola Buckley Rebecca Gibney Chelsea Babbage Geraldine Hakewill Netflix
There is something “Wanted” has that few other shows possess. It has a strong sense of its identity — the way it does things and how it needs to get them done. That is why for three six-episode seasons, the series co-created by star Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell, has managed not to lose an ounce of its original quality.

TV Review: 'Wanted' Season 1 and Season 2

Wanted Lola Buckley Rebecca Gibney Chelsea Babbage Geraldine Hakewill
Do you want a breezy high-quality binge watch on Netflix? Yes? Then look no further than the Australian TV series “Wanted.” An enthralling thriller with comedic elements that is underlined with drama. It is a show that’s epicenter is the equally hilarious and sweet relationship that transpires between its protagonists.

TV Review: 'Million Yen Women' (2017)

“Million Yen Women” (originally titled “1,000,000 yen no Onnatachi”) is a stirring look at friendship, romance, and the impact of a troubled past. A television adaptation of Shunju Aono’s manga of the same name, it is currently streaming on Netflix.

Movie Review: 'Outlaw King' (2018)

In an exhilarating twist, Netflix's "Outlaw King" is an outlaw movie and a costume epic that compromises on delivering, neither. Director David Mackenzie has united the subgenres to create something that is both fresh and familiar.

TV Review: 'Medici' Season 1 'Masters of Florence'

Medici Masters of Florence Contessina de Bardi Medici Annabel Scholey Piero de Medici Alessandro Sperduti Lucrezia Tornabuoni Valentina Belle
One of Eclectic Pop's picks for 2016's best television series; “Medici: Masters of Florence” boasts an excellent eight-episode freshman season. “Game of Thrones" grad Richard Madden stars as Cosimo de’ Medici, the Medici patriarch who paves the way for his House’s rise to newfound prominence. Sound familiar?

Movie Review: 'Perdida' (2018)

Perdida Manuela Pelari Pipa Luisana Lopilato Sirena Amaia Salamanca Ariel Juan Ignacio Cane
Mystery and thrills converge unexpectedly in the enthralling “Perdida.” The movie introduces its lead character in the present day with a concise sequence that lets the audience in on everything they need to know about the essence of Pipa (Luisana Lopilato), a driven detective. What drives her is made equally clear thanks to a brief intro.

TV Review: 'Dark' Season 1

One of the rare series of our time, "Dark" offers an arresting and raw take on a complex genre. It is a mesmeric science fiction series that is equal parts poised, sophisticated, and foreboding. "Dark" maneuvers its story with confidence as it weaves its elaborate tale. It is stylistic without being obvious, tender without being overly sentimental, and melodramatic without losing any of its intrinsic prestige. 

TV Review: 'Silver Spoon' Season 2

Caution: Mild spoilers for “Silver Spoon” (originally titled “Mazhor”) Season 1 are below.

Another spoonful of this delectable series is exactly what every television fan needs. Igor and company are back for a second season of the crime thriller that keeps impressive pace with the exquisite quality of Season 1. Picking up not too long after the previous installment left off, viewers catch up with an imprisoned Igor. Don’t worry though. Unlike most shows that would sit on that plot for a multi-episode arc, “Silver Spoon” finds a way to move past it in slick and believable fashion.

TV Review: 'The Chalet' (2017)

Promotional art for The Chalet on Netflix
If you love Agatha Christie mysteries, then you are likely to love "The Chalet." The French miniseries tells a set of intertwining stories that unravel running parallel. It's a tricky plot maneuver and "The Chalet" pulls it off to mesmeric effect.

Movie Review: 'Forgotten' (2017)

The movie poster for the Korean thriller 'Forgotten' on Neflix
There is nothing forgettable about this innovative dramatic thriller that superbly weaves together several genre threads to create something entirely unique. “Forgotten” (originally titled: “Gi-eok-ui Bam”) opens as a family is moving into their new home. Joining their parents are twenty-something brothers Jin-seok (Kang Ha-neul) and Yoo-seok (Kim Mu-yeol).

TV Review: 'Silver Spoon' Season 1

If you have watched more than one crime procedural, then you know the concept can grow stale rather quickly. The key to one succeeding is for it to have an outrageously engaging hook that combines a clever overarching premise with a captivating central character. “Silver Spoon” (originally titled, “Mazhor”) delivers all of these features in sterling fashion.