TV Review: 'Silver Spoon' Season 2

Caution: Mild spoilers for “Silver Spoon” (originally titled “Mazhor”) Season 1 are below.

Another spoonful of this delectable series is exactly what every television fan needs. Igor and company are back for a second season of the crime thriller that keeps impressive pace with the exquisite quality of Season 1. Picking up not too long after the previous installment left off, viewers catch up with an imprisoned Igor. Don’t worry though. Unlike most shows that would sit on that plot for a multi-episode arc, “Silver Spoon” finds a way to move past it in slick and believable fashion.

The show’s innate sense of pacing continues to serve it well, as it moves with the rhythmic synergy of a beautifully choreographed dance routine. The cadence of every scene is brilliant, and Igor and the series’ tremendous cast of characters get a chance to grow in unexpected and exciting ways.

Igor + Vika = Soul Mates

For fans of Igor and Vika, there is that inevitable push and pull, which would be frustrating if their paramours in the interim were not as compelling as they are. As great as “Silver Spoon” is with its romantic side, the friendships are what prove to be equally crucial to the show.

Whether it is Igor’s relationship with Dania, Zhenia, or the Lieutenant Colonel, it all flows together brilliantly. As the team’s bond grows stronger so does the series’ overall narrative. Then there are the twists and turns.

Just when you think you have figured out where “Silver Spoon” is going -- they give you a dose of something shocking, and it’s never out of left field either. This is how a series needs to be written, leaning into the curves of its twists without spilling any of its quality while making a big grab.

The Characters

While the ensemble of characters around him proves fascinating in their own right, Igor is the lead, and the show never fights that. He is one of those rare characters that remain larger-than-life, without ever once grating one’s nerves. One cannot get enough of his vibrant personality, which never succumbs to second-season lethargy. He is as powerfully written as he was when we left him, albeit he becomes even stronger. It is an uncommon transformation to glimpse these days.

The acting ensemble of “Silver Spoon” continues to deliver in astonishing form. Their handling of every storyline; be it comic or as dramatic as they come, is impeccable. As Igor, Pavel Priluchniy continues to demonstrate one of the most impressive ranges of any actor currently working. 

He smoothly weaves between Igor's personality as a fun-loving playboy and serious businessman/cop with the change of a single expression. Priluchniy's ability to navigate humor, drama, and romance as a lead, is a rare combination to currently behold in entertainment, be it movies or television.

Joining the cast of Season 2 are several new characters, who prove as fantastically written and well-cast as the original. The only thing missing is the original season’s medical examiner, a figure that is greatly missed in the second installment.

Season 2 is Sensational

It is no small feat to follow-up a masterful first season with an equally compelling sequel and “Silver Spoon” manages to do that with all of the fiery flair, it exhibited in its initial installment. The hardest part of Season 2 is realizing you have to wait for Season 3. But all great things are worth the anticipation.

For a show as phenomenal as it is, the series has proven itself worthy of awaiting its return. After all, when it comes to what’s streaming on Netflix, no series shines brighter than “Silver Spoon.”

Rating: 10/10

The first two seasons of "Silver Spoon" are currently streaming on Netflix. Want to take a look at Season 3? Click here.

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