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'Better Than Us' Season 1 Ending On Netflix: Arisa Deserved Better

Better Than Us Luchshe chem lyudi Paulina Andreeva Arisa
Few endings have gotten me as impassioned as the one Arisa gets on the Season 1 finale of “Better Than Us” (“Luchshe, chem lyudi”) on Netflix. The show gets off to an extraordinary start. The first few episodes center on a robot named Arisa, and the little girl she decides to let be her user. Those installments are super sweet, lighthearted, and heartwarming.

Netflix's 'Better Than Us' Season 1 Premiere = Hypnotic Robot Drama

“Better Than Us” gets off to one of the best starts of the year as a well-paced series premiere introduces Netflix viewers to a world of sci-fi and family drama. Set in a very futuristic Moscow circa 2029, “Better Than Us” centers on Georgy Safronov (Kirill Kyaro), a divorced coroner, and robot, A…