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TV Resolutions Part 2 | 'Reign', 'Vikings', 'Pretty Little Liars' and a Casting Brainstorm

With a lot of series returning from their mid-season hiatuses (“Pretty Little Liars” is already back); Eclectic Pop has made some resolutions for several series’ respective seasons. The final installment continues with the CW's "Reign". If you missed Part 1 (click here)

Reign: With any luck Mary/Conde will remain a courtly love, at the most. It would be out of character for Mary to disrespect her marriage and Francis by carrying on with Conde, no matter how upset she is with her husband. 

Casting Brainstorm: 'Beauty and the Beast'

As many of you know there has been some hotly debated casting recently, as there always is in Hollywood. Who will get what role and whether they are even up for grabs in the first place makes for interesting fodder. In this new feature titled Casting Brainstorm, Eclectic Pop offers some suggestions/wishful casting selections for upcoming roles.