TV Resolutions Part 2 | 'Reign', 'Vikings', 'Pretty Little Liars' and a Casting Brainstorm

With a lot of series returning from their mid-season hiatuses (“Pretty Little Liars” is already back); Eclectic Pop has made some resolutions for several series’ respective seasons. The final installment continues with the CW's "Reign". If you missed Part 1 (click here)

Reign: With any luck Mary/Conde will remain a courtly love, at the most. It would be out of character for Mary to disrespect her marriage and Francis by carrying on with Conde, no matter how upset she is with her husband. 

The anvils have been dropping and hopefully they're red herrings and Castleroy will not to be killed off to make way for a Greer/Leith reunion. The unconventional Greer/Castleroy pairing works. In contrast, her connection with Leith is formulaic and expected.

After a string of dark storylines, it would be great if some of the series’ lightheartedness were able to peak back through, in the second half. Perhaps a little more Kenna and Bash as well? The “Catherine is Crazy” storyline needs to be wrapped up and her sanity restored.

Watching a strong character like Catherine reduced to a delusional state isn't befitting of her. In the second season, "Reign" has found a true villain with Craig Parker's Narcisse. He needs to stir up trouble indefinitely.

Vikings: Less gratuitous violence, no torture, more Rollo. It’s really that simple.

Pretty Little Liars: Ezra has been acting very suspicious since the show returned. It would be great if PLL finally pulled the trigger on one of the Liars' sweethearts turning out to be evil. All of the fake outs in past seasons have only been frustrating teases that never turned out to be true. It's time for a tease to turn legitimate and Ezra has always been the likeliest baddie of them all.

Casting Brainstorm: One casting wish for the 2015 portion of the season would be for Luke Mitchell to be cast as a series regular on an already established show (preferably with 1 or half a season under its belt) or as the lead of a new series that will last longer than 1 season. 

Since the cancellation of "The Tomorrow People", Mitchell was cast on ABC's midseason replacement "Members Only". Unfortunately it wound up cancelled before it could even make it on the air. The good news is he is now available for another show. 

Ideally he'd be a perfect fit on "Reign", possibly as the not yet mentioned (or created); illegitimate son of Narcisse. Mitchell could sell the complex father/son dynamic and it could help round out the character of Narcisse.

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