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Q&A: Actress Geraldine Hakewill Talks About 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries'

Actress Geraldine Hakewill is familiar to fans of the thrilling Australian drama, “Wanted.” On the series, Hakewill gives an incredible performance as the endearing, Chelsea Babbage. In a new television show, Hakewill is taking on an entirely different set of adventures as the star of “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

Streaming Spotlight: 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries' On Acorn TV

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Peregrine Fisher Geraldine Hakewill Acorn TV
She stars as half of one of television’s best duos on the Australian Netflix series, “Wanted.” Geraldine Hakewill is striking out on her own via an exciting show coming soon to Acorn TV. Here is everything you need to know about “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

TV Review: 'Wanted' Season 3 On Netflix

Wanted Lola Buckley Rebecca Gibney Chelsea Babbage Geraldine Hakewill Netflix
There is something “Wanted” has that few other shows possess. It has a strong sense of its identity — the way it does things and how it needs to get them done. That is why for three six-episode seasons, the series co-created by star Rebecca Gibney and Richard Bell, has managed not to lose an ounce of its original quality.

TV Review: 'Wanted' Season 1 and Season 2

Wanted Lola Buckley Rebecca Gibney Chelsea Babbage Geraldine Hakewill
Do you want a breezy high-quality binge watch on Netflix? Yes? Then look no further than the Australian TV series “Wanted.” An enthralling thriller with comedic elements that is underlined with drama. It is a show that’s epicenter is the equally hilarious and sweet relationship that transpires between its protagonists.