Q&A: Actress Geraldine Hakewill Dishes 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries'

 Actress Geraldine Hakewill is familiar to fans of the thrilling Australian drama, “Wanted.” On the series, Hakewill gives an incredible performance as the endearing, Chelsea Babbage. In a new television show, Hakewill is taking on an entirely different set of adventures as the star of “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

The four-episode series is now streaming on Acorn TV. It is a spinoff of the enduring fan favorite, “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” starring Essie Davis. The new series follows the adventures of Phryne Fisher’s niece, Peregrine Fisher, played by Geraldine Hakewill. Picking up in 1960s Melbourne, expect no shortage of mystery and adventure to unfold.

Answering five interview questions, Geraldine Hakewill reveals what made her want to star in “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries,” among other insights. Check out Hakewill’s answer to that and more, below!

Eclectic Pop: What part of doing a show set in the 1960s was the most fun?

Geraldine Hakewill: I loved the aesthetic of it- the costumes and the architecture and all aspects of the design. It's totally my vibe. I think the philosophy around design in the 1960s was very optimistic and celebrated innovation, so it's easy to have fun when you're wearing something or playing in a house that is designed to be fun!

I think the design of the show is almost as important as the murder, and I think audiences will fall in love with how colourful and quirky the world is. I also LOVED driving the car.

What sets Peregrine apart the most from her Aunt Phryne?

Peregrine is a work in progress, whereas Phryne felt fully formed and very sure of herself. I think Peregrine is discovering her capabilities every time she encounters a new person or a new mystery to be solved, and she keeps surprising herself.

She's also rougher around the edges and less refined than her aunt, but I think has a natural ease in most situations and an ability to transform that her aunt also possessed. I like to think that she's also a great collaborator and because she's new to this game she enlists help from those around her who know more than she does.

Why does Peregrine want to take over her aunt’s mantle as a private detective so much?

Discovering that Phryne was a detective is incredibly exciting for Peregrine. She's never had a female role model in her life who had such command of her own destiny. I think it's inspiring to Peregrine and I think she also realises that being a detective could make great use of the many skills she has picked up doing all sorts of random and unsuccessful jobs.

How can viewers expect The Adventuresses Club’s members’ feelings towards Peregrine to shift throughout Season 1?

The Adventuresses Club, and especially their President Birdie Birnside, are understandably sceptical about Peregrine's motives and qualifications for taking on the Fisher name and occupation. She's literally swung in out of nowhere and has no understanding of the importance that her Aunt Phryne had to the Club or to the people of Melbourne.

After putting her through a series of tests they realise that she has the same heart and spirit that her Aunt had and Peregrine starts to prove to them that she might just be up to the challenge.

What made you want to star in "Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries?"

I loved the original series, the team behind it and the books they were based on so much. I also love period-drama and murder mysteries. I have always been a huge Agatha Christie fan! This was a no-brainer for me.


Watch Geraldine Hakewill in “Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.” The entire first season is now streaming on Acorn TV.

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