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Movie Review: 'Tis the Season for Love' (2015)

Sarah Lancaster stars as a struggling actress hoping for her big break on Broadway when a trip to her hometown for Christmas opens the door to an alternative path in life. For Beth (Lancaster), returning home does not mean she immediately falls back into the arms of the one who got away (he’s already married and has a kid).

Movie Review: '12 Gifts of Christmas' (2015)

By and large, Hallmark Channel’s movies are known for their adorable sense of innocence and whimsical fun, and in the “12 Gifts of Christmas,” those themes are exquisitely brought to life. This smile-inducing installment in the ever-popular “Countdown to Christmas” franchise is a winner.

Movie Review: 'A Christmas Detour' (2015)

Candace Cameron Bure stars as an uptight writer, who is heading to spend Christmas with her fiancé and meet her soon-to-be in-laws for the first time. Of course, things can never be that simple or we would not have a movie to watch. So that means Bure’s Paige finds her New York-bound plane ride thwarted by a blizzard.

Hallmark Channel's 'Countdown to Christmas' Must-Sees

“Let It Snow” (2013) Candace Cameron Bure stars in this sweet Hallmark charmer as Stephanie, a hard-nosed executive sent to examine her father’s latest investment property -- a family-owned ski lodge. He hopes to turn it into a destination ski resort. Through the course of the movie, Bure's Ste…

12 Christmas TV Movies Worth Watching

The promo art for the Hallmark Channel movie 'Help for the Holidays' starring Summer Glau

#12: Help for the Holidays (2012)

"Help for the Holidays" is a fantasy outing from Hallmark that hits all the right beats. Eva La Rue and Dan Gauthier play a couple that’s successful Christmas store has caused them to neglect their kids and the joy of Christmas.