Hallmark Channel's 'Countdown to Christmas' Must-Sees

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"Let It Snow" (2013)

Candace Cameron Bure stars in this sweet Hallmark charmer as a hard-nosed executive sent to examine her father’s latest investment property; a family owned ski lodge, he hopes to turn into a destination ski resort. Through the course of the movie she learns about the traditions of Christmas, finds love with the acrimonious son of her hosts and discovers the family life she’s always wanted.

For “Full House” fans, seeing Bure playing a character similar to what one would imagine a grown-up DJ Tanner to be, is a rewarding bit of nostalgia. A slice of wholesome goodness, "Let It Snow" doesn’t get too carried away with its saccharine side.

"Christmas with Holly" (2012)

A family drama more than a traditional Hallmark romance, the titular Holly (Lucy Gallina) is a young girl who’s taken mute after the death of her mother. Chiefly raised by her Uncle Mark (Sean Faris), he moves them to a picturesque island where his two brothers also live. Meanwhile Maggie (Eloise Mumford), the owner of a toy shop is trying to heal after having her heart broken.

The romance between Mark and Maggie is quaint, with Faris and Mumford sharing a sparkling chemistry. The element that really makes this movie a winner is Mark’s storyline with Holly, a moving rumination on patience, love and family.

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"A Royal Christmas" (2014)

In a storyline heavily reminiscent of the theatrical film “The Prince and Me”, this superiorly realized take finds a delightful seamstress (Lacey Chabert) visiting her royal boyfriend’s (Stephen Hagan) homeland, to meet his disapproving mother (Jane Seymour) for Christmas.

Lacey Chabert’s irrepressible heroine, Emily, is easy to root for as she befriends the palace servants, helps orphans and gently fights for her paramour. Chabert’s lovely performance combines girl-next-door charm with a regal refinement that serves as the movie’s sensational underpinnings, while Jane Seymour gives a strong turn as Emily’s stuffy nemesis. All in all, it is a tender movie with a lot of heart.

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" (2008)

An overwhelmed Type A single mom (Brooke Burns) gets a much needed hand from a stranded traveler (Warren Christie) her uncle (Henry Winkler) brings home. As it turns out, the family’s new houseguest has an enduring love for Christmas and his enthusiasm soon begins to rejuvenate everyone’s love for the holiday.

Along the way romance inevitably and believably beckons for our heroine. Brooke Burns and Warren Christie’s chemistry sells the love story, helping it to genuinely build, while Henry Winkler’s lovable performance as the matchmaking uncle only furthers the movie’s appeal.

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"The Nine Lives of Christmas" (2014)

 Zachary (Brandon Routh), a firefighter who’s sworn off love and commitment meets Marilee (Kimberly Sustad) a third year veterinary student who’s sworn off love until she graduates. When he hesitantly adopts an adorable cat that makes its way into his home, he invariably crosses paths with cat lover, Marilee. Brandon Routh has been charming up a storm on The CW as Ray Palmer and his turn in “Nine Lives” continues that streak.

Both of the lead characters in this movie are equally likable so pulling for them to find happiness with one another comes easily. Sustad and Routh play things with an authentic awkwardness that accurately conveys a developing romance. Featuring the most lovable movie cat since Sassy from “Homeward Bound”, this Hallmark movie is pur-fection!

Promotional Art for the Hallmark Channel Movie - One Starry Christmas
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"One Starry Christmas" (2014)

 When an aspiring astrology professor (Sara Carter) heads to New York City to surprise her boyfriend for Christmas, she winds up meeting a rodeo cowboy (Damon Runyan) on the bus ride there and sparks fly. Rushed relationships in Hallmark movies are the norm and “One Starry Christmas” proves no exception.

Because Sarah Carter is so endearing as the brainy Holly; you readily forgive the hurried plot development. A strong comedic performance from Paul Popowich as Holly’s longtime ambitious beau adds to the film’s comedic fervor. While Runyan and Carter’s chemistry gives “One Starry Christmas” its shiny allure.

Honorable Mentions:

“Trading Christmas”, a holiday house swap leads to unexpected romance for a widowed empty nester (Faith Ford), a professor with writer’s block (Tom Cavanaugh), his brother (Gil Bellows) and a feisty divorcee (Gabrielle Miller).

Lastly there is "The Christmas Parade" which stars AnnaLynne McCord as a talk show host who learns the true meaning of Christmas, while doing community service for a petty offense. McCord sells the movie's shaky premise with a terrific performance that recalls her memorable work on "90120".

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