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Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


Best Bets On Netflix: 'Raat Akeli Hai' Delves Into Powerful Mystery

Netflix has a lot of movies, and only an elite few could be described as the best bet. “Raat Akeli Hai” is one of the rare entries into that category. From India, this Hindi-language film is a compelling drama wrapped in a murder mystery that gradually reveals a captivating who-dun-it. As is someti…

Why India's 'Haseen Dillruba' Is The Best Marital Thriller On Netflix

Romantic thrillers are few and far between, and when they emerge, they are not always the greatest. “Haseen Dillruba” runs in stark contrast to that expectation, delivering a soulful and compelling film with a huge twist. An explosive murder mystery and a fraught marriage drive the plot.Director Vi…

Movie Review: 'Ginny Weds Sunny' Spins Suspenseful Romance

The title may mightily hint at the conclusion that this enchanting film reaches. However, the ride to get there is too endearing not to enjoy the whimsical charms of its journey. “Ginny Weds Sunny” is a Bollywood breakout that will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering if the title should h…