Movie Review: 'Ginny Weds Sunny' Spins Suspenseful Romance

Ginny Weds Sunny Yami Gautam Simran Ginny Juneja Vikrant Massey Satnam Sunny Sethi Netflix
Image by Netflix

 The title may mightily hint at the conclusion that this enchanting film reaches. However, the ride to get there is too endearing not to enjoy the whimsical charms of its journey. “Ginny Weds Sunny” is a Bollywood breakout that will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering if the title should have been punctuated with a question mark.

I certainly think that punctuation would have left the door open a bit. Not that “Ginny Weds Sunny” needs it to be a lovely watch. The film begins with Sunny (Vikrant Massey) seeking his future wife so his dad will fund his dreams of a restaurant. Upon running into his school years crush, Ginny (Yami Gautam), at a wedding, Sunny sets his sights on her, and there is promising news on that front.

Ginny’s mom is a matchmaker (think Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking”), and she readily approves of Sunny as a match for her free-wheeling daughter. With that critical seal of approval, Sunny works with Ginny’s mom and his dad to scheme his way into Ginny’s heart. If you thought this may not work out well, you are onto something. Like your above-average Hallmark movie, “Ginny Weds Sunny” packs a lot of romantic suspense.

Sunny does not win over Ginny’s heart easily. It is a hard-fought battle that is engrossing to watch play out as Sunny implores every strategy imaginable to persuade her to fall in love with him. Will she? The title says one thing, and their interactions spell everything else out. To its credit, “Ginny Weds Sunny” keeps the intrigue going without ever losing momentum. It just keeps building, and it is a funny, sweet, and musically satisfying ride.

“Ginny Weds Sunny” has one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a while. “Phoonk Phoonk” and “Rabaru” have been watched and listened to countless times at this point on YouTube. If you want a taste of what is so special about the soundtrack, you can check out the music video for “Phoonk Phoonk” (my personal favorite) below:

What did I tell you? Are you hooked? “Ginny Weds Sunny” is riveting to watch, and it is suspenseful. Do not let the title fool you. It is a winding journey that will keep you guessing about what will become of the titular romantic interests until the very end. Avoid watching the trailer on Netflix, and you should be good to go.

Yami Gautam and Vikrant Massey spark natural chemistry that plays as a tentative friendship for most of the movie, thanks to Gautam’s Ginny. There are light-hearted and dramatic moments throughout the film that both actors work through brilliantly, along with the fantastic ensemble that brings “Ginny Weds Sunny” to spectacular life.

At over 2 hours in length, the romantic comedy with musical flourishes is a vibrant movie that never runs the risk of boring the audience. Every scene brings viewers closer to the movies’ riveting, nail-biting conclusion. “Ginny Weds Sunny” builds on the concept of learning to love as opposed to coming down with it like a unavoidable flu, and I categorically approve.

“Ginny Weds Sunny” is currently streaming on Netflix, along with a lot of great movies available to watch on the streamer.