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'He's All That' Fun Fact: Is The Netflix Hit A Sequel To 'She's All That'?

Is “He’s All That” the sequel to “She’s All That”? It is the question that has understandably had viewers buzzing since the reboot got released on Netflix. This article has the answer. By now, you have probably seen “He’s All That,” a refreshed take on the original 1999 film starring Rachel Leigh C…

Let's Discuss: The 'Disorder' Remake

Deadline is reporting that “Logan” director James Mangold will helm the English-language remake of “Disorder” aka “Maryland.” “Disorder” is a 2015 French-language thriller that is currently streaming on Netflix Instant (U.S.). Co-written and directed by Alice Winocour, the original is an engaging and enigmatic film that features strong lead performances. You can read Eclectic Pop’s full review of it, here.

The movie centers on Vincent (Matthias Schoenaerts) a soldier suffering from PTSD, who takes a job working security for a wealthy man and his family. When the husband leaves on a business trip, Vincent is left in charge of protecting the man’s wife, Jesse (Diane Kruger), and their young son.