Amber Heard Interview: Why Is The Media Still Supporting Her?

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Isn’t it time for the mainstream media to stop supporting Amber Heard? A month after a jury found Heard defamed Johnny Depp with her ghost-written Washington Post op-ed, Heard is still getting a platform to continue. The actress who cannot stop reminding people she was in “Aquaman” is not done defaming Depp, and a new interview helped her do it again. Cue NBC News’ dragging poor “Dateline” into the piping-hot mess.

Amber Heard took many by surprise this week by breaking her short-lived silence with an interview on NBC’s “The Today Show.” The first two halves aired Tuesday and Wednesday, with the full interview airing during a special edition of NBC’s “Dateline.” Before it aired, Just Jared reported that Heard had (finally) lost her role as Mera in the “Aquaman” franchise.

Not so fast. Heard’s PR team later denied the reports to Variety. For context over 4.5 million people have signed a petition demanding that Amber Heard be removed from “Aquaman 2.” So far, it appears to have fallen on ears unwilling to listen to their pleas. 

If the roles were reversed, you can bet your bottom dollar that any studio would have likely removed Johnny Depp before a single signature of digital ink could dry. Remember Depp had starred in such films as the underrated “Transcendence” (and “Black Mass”) for “Aquaman’s” studio. Following the verdict in his libel lawsuit against The Sun in the UK, Depp told Instagram he was asked to resign from their “Fantastic Beasts” franchise..

Amber Heard Has Still Lost Nothing

Her next role? As a “Dateline” interview subject, Amber Heard continued to reassert the claims a jury said were false and agreed should cost her over $10 million. As it stands, Amber Heard has lost nothing. At the same time, she has claimed that she has been unfairly treated. Warner Bros has still not removed Heard from her role in the “Aquaman” franchise despite the sequel not being set to premiere until March of 2023.

Regardless of the facts, Amber Heard insists that she is a victim of Johnny Depp and social media. To speak to the social media angle, Friday’s “Dateline” featured New York Times opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg. Goldberg claimed that “misogyny” was to blame for the public’s disdain for Amber Heard. Disregarding the barrage of factual evidence millions of people heard for themselves during the six-week trial.

The New York Times opinion columnist wagged her finger at social media users who reenacted Amber Heard’s confusing initial testimony. All of which begs the questions, was this talking head equally upset by the NBC series, “The Thing About Pam,” doing the same thing with convicted murderer Pam Hupp’s testimony and statements to police? Perhaps, she believes that was also “misogynistic” because Hupp (a woman) is accused of framing a man for murder.

NBC: Whatever You Say, Miss Heard

During the first two parts of her interview with Savannah Guthrie, Amber Heard doubled down on her abuse claims, which a jury agreed were a hoax perpetrated against Johnny Depp. In an interview that lacked journalistic substance and integrity, Guthrie gave Heard yet another platform to air her malicious statements defaming Depp all over again.

Based on what aired on “Dateline,” Amber Heard received little to no pushback. The most heated the interview became was when Savannah Guthrie argued with Heard about the latter’s preposterous claims that a charitable pledge is synonymous with having donated. On Dutch television, Heard had said she “donated” her divorce settlement. She had not.

During “The Today Show” segments, Amber Heard became frazzled responding about her lack of donating her windfall to charity. So much so that she slipped and admitted she should have never had to donate her divorce proceeds in the first place. (Seriously.) In another key moment, Amber Heard again claimed that the Washington Post op-ed was not about Johnny Depp or their relationship.

There Is One Big Problem With That Claim

At this point, Amber Heard cannot keep her story straight and while she whines about the trial being televised, she seems to forget something. Amber Heard already debunked her own claim on live television while testifying. At the trial, Heard admitted that her ghost-written op-ed was about Johnny Depp. You can watch the moment here. While under cross-examination, Heard said:

“I know how many people will come out in support of him [Johnny Depp]. That’s his power. That’s why I wrote the op-ed.”

The mainstream media cannot be bothered with providing the simplest of fact checks that contradict Amber Heard and her disproven allegations. YouTube creators and social media users know it and have done a “journalists’” job by continuously pointing this out online. Heard has practically claimed that the sky is red and, when she is challenged with the slightest of facts, responded, “I’m not a lawyer. This is simply how I perceived it.”

Reality Vs. Amber Heard

The problem is that Miss Heard’s perception of reality is not what 99.99% of sentient beings would agree that it is. Savannah Guthrie failed to point out that TMZ sent a lawyer to Virginia to prevent the testimony of former employee turned whistleblower Morgan Tremaine. Would they have done this for a “rando” (slang for random people)? Absolutely not. However, Guthrie’s silence indicated Heard actually made a point when Heard had not.

In another stunning round of silence, Savannah Guthrie allowed Heard to make veiled hints that the verified owner of Hicksville and supermodel legend, Kate Moss, were also “randos.” What was the point of this interview if not for Amber Heard to be questioned? Heard was not even quizzed about the clearly photoshopped images she presented as part of her “mountain of evidence.”

As for the audio Amber Heard claimed was edited from larger disagreements, the full audio makes her sound even worse. Speaking of which, jurors did not hear audio evidence that directly contradicted Heard’s account of what transpired in Australia, including her involvement in the fate of Johnny Depp’s fingertip. For its part, NBC did not play any clips from those readily available tapes from Incredibly Average’s YouTube channel.

So, Why Is NBC Giving Amber Heard A Platform? 

Amber Heard does not deserve a platform to continue her campaign of defamation. The evidence shows she lied about the most egregious things a person can lie about and falsely accuse a person of doing. Regardless, Heard is allowed to be, well, heard – and it is disgusting. It is time for the mainstream media to admit defeat. Amber Heard has been exposed. There is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

For those in favor of the truth and Johnny Depp, the journey for justice is not over. Amber Heard should lose her role in “Aquaman 2.” Warner Bros has not been quick to respond on that front. To recap, Johnny Depp lost his role in Warner Bros’s “Fantastic Beasts” franchise yet Heard has kept hers in “Aquaman.” Who is being treated unfairly again, Miss Heard?

Johnny Depp was falsely accused and lost everything, including his stellar career. Amber Heard lied and perpetuated a horrific hoax that hurt Johnny Depp and authentic victims of DV, yet she still currently has her “Aquaman 2” role. Something does not add up. The world has seen and heard enough from Amber Heard. She has been given more than generous support from the mainstream media and had her day in court.

Verdict: “Time’s Up” For Amber Heard

Seven jurors agreed that Amber Heard lied and perpetrated a DV and SA hoax. The same jurors who Heard attempted to defame by claiming they saw social media posts that influenced them against her. Where is her proof? A man who “convinced the world he had scissors for fingers”? In the twisted world of Amber Heard, the evidence does not matter unless it is a photoshopped image of herself.

NBC News’ interview of Amber Heard by Savannah Guthrie should be Heard’s last and not because she wants it to be. The media - high on moral superiority - should easily decide that Heard needs to be silenced via zero future interviews. Her time continuing to lie in the public eye should come to an end by way of biased support.

NBC turned what should have been a journalistic endeavor into a full-stop PR outing for Amber Heard. Anyone who watches a usual “Dateline” episode knows they are more balanced than this installment demonstrated. It is an insult for Heard’s interview to fall under the “Dateline” umbrella. Finally, the media needs to prove that DV victims matter and support Johnny Depp. He is a DV victim and now a survivor.