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The Wild Young Hearts: 'California Dreams' (Album Review)

Returning with their debut album ‘California Dreams’, The Wild Young Hearts beckon listeners back to the California coast, complete with sunny reveries, valley swagger and indefatigable moxie. Picking up where their EP ‘Pretty Girls’ left off, The Wild Young Hearts present once more with passion.

Sharing with listeners a wily essence that cultivates a new sound, while paying homage to the beachy rock that dominated the smooth soundscape of the 60’s, they also manage to play with the sonic era of the 90’s. It’s this twist on the conventional sounds of the past that spawns a revolutionary orbit, unearthing a portal to the past and present.

The Wild Young Hearts: Pretty Girls (EP Review)

The Wild Young Hearts bring their west coast swagger to an EP filled with the infectious warmth of the California sun. There is a rollicking and self-assured keenness that shines throughout the aptly titled, ‘Pretty Girls’ EP. ‘Pretty Girls’ is filled with a spunk and liveliness that courses throughout its entire duration.

Beginning with a dazzling piano melody in the strictly instrumental, “Interlude”, the EP kicks off with a steady musicality. “Caroline” is a punkish endeavor that’s cheeky lyrics emit a startling charm. It's reminiscent of the era of 60's surfer rock, with a modernized twist.