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Album of the Week: 'I and Love and You' by The Avett Brothers

I and Love and You  is the 2009 album from The Avett Brothers and their first album with major label American Recordings. They have released 7 albums, 4 EPs and 3 live albums. They have long been at the forefront of the Americana movement. They have mastered many genres including folk, bluegrass, pop, rock & roll, country and even a little punk thrown in for good measure.

Album of the Week: 'Carry the Fire' by Delta Rae

While, “Unlike Any Other” is a phenomenal song, the entire “Carry the Fire” album is on par with it. It has something for everyone, there are so many genres touched on that if you’re just a fan of music in general, this album will appeal to you. From folk to blues to country to pop to bluegrass to rock, it is a brilliant blend of the best elements from those genres.

Song of the Day / Album of the Week: Augustana

“Steal Your Heart” was the debut single from the 2011 self-titled album from Augustana and like its premiere song, it was extraordinary. This whole album is a must listen. It was expertly crafted and astonishingly underrated. After Augustana broke onto the scene with their hit single “Boston” back in 2003, they never quite recaptured that chart success again. It wasn’t because they stopped making incredible music though.